simple life truths

1 oct 17 

happy october! a wet sunday: going through morning sermon notes, packing this week’s shop orders… hope you are having a lovely day x 

Be able to distinguish between what is true and what is false, for not only is the false not true, but it makes the truth appear to be that much more false.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

‘Maybe’ is worse than No.

Just tell me the truth - not some woven ‘Maybe’ that only shows your hesitance and lack of true caring.

They say Maybe almost always means No.

But it’s that ‘almost’ that crushes me.

You could be the exception to the Maybe rule… Or you couldn’t.

So make it clear.

Make it a No.

His eyes are the color I am named
His smile lights warm fires in my breast
His hair is messy and untamed
His laugh is always joined by mine in the chest.

His heart is the purest gold
And he believes every lie I’ve told.

He is innocent and beautiful
My heart yearns for his love
The ways he could hold me would be wonderful
Yet I am a broken and wounded dove.

His heart is the purest gold
And I hurry to let this tragedy unfold.

—  Hazel

I’m afraid you simply cared too much.

That’s how he broke you.

By not caring at all.

—  stella .