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What I want from the ML panel:

-Season 2 release date

-Season 2 trailer

-More background info on characters (like b-days, traits, skills, likes, ethnicity, family info, etc.)


-When will the webisodes come back from war

-Maybe some more chibi clips cuz the first one was so cute oml

-Oh and also the season 2 trailer please

What I don’t want:


-Spoilery screenshots

-Just don’t let Jeremy say anything (Like he’s cool but I feel the dude’s either gonna keep our hopes up for something that isn’t gonna happen or show spoilers)

-Someone attacking Hawkdaddy with like angry and disrespectful shipping questions. (like I s2g)

(Btw I’m tagging all the comic con ml panel spoilers as ‘ml spoilers’. So blacklist that tag if you don’t want to see anything from me)

Finally getting the hang of drawing my A.I.s robot body designs.

Introducing Auto.

Auto enjoys napping, watching sunrises/sets and building bridges 

me trying to figure out what went through the writers’ heads when they had kara break up with james in episode 1, just to have her play the “will she, won’t she” game just 10 episodes later with a new guy

also me trying to understand why writers keep having other characters BUT the character in the possible relationship talk about how amazing they are together

“it’s so obvious”

also me trying to figure out why they brought a new character to the show, with great potential for an amazing storyline (evil aliens coming for him, is he the prince etc) just to have him reduced to a simple and shallow comic relief/love interest

me @ supergirl writers