simple! easy! explody!

If the sight of a little plastic pistol doesn’t scare an intruder, he’ll certainly run away when your hand explodes all over his face.

6 Reasons Not to Freak Out About the 3D Printer Gun

The first gun made entirely of 3D-printed parts recently debuted, and despite the best efforts of its creators, it looks pretty stupid. When your gun looks like something an 8-year-old built out of LEGO bricks, you’re not gonna intimidate anyone (except maybe some other poor bastard 8-year-old whose parents bought him Mega Bloks).

But obviously, aesthetics aren’t the point here, right? It doesn’t matter that the “Liberator” is stupid-looking, because it’s still a deadly weapon available to everyone with a 3D printer, huh? Sure, it looks like a lump of packing filler, but criminals everywhere will soon be brandishing these homemade firearms, running amok in the streets, correct? Well, not exactly.

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