wingardiumleviosim asked:

After you receive this you have to share five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favourite followers :))

Ahhhh Thank you for tagging me Simortal <33

five random facts…

- I have a british accent.

- I have more inside jokes with my boyfriend’s dad than I do with my boyfriend.

- I can’t tell left from right (very problematic while driving).

- I grew up in Japan.

- I can’t sleep if my feet aren’t covered or are hanging off the bed.

Today on Maake, Texas-based artist Jessica Simorte @jessicasimorte shares her work and thoughts on spatial experience, how the phenomenology of space and place is a significant and inescapable part of human experience, and how trusting intuition and evaluating later is an integral part of her process. Interview by Emily Burns @emaschillin Link in Profile! #jessicasimorte #maakemag #painting