Wanda: ᚦᛉᛇᛋᛃᚱᛟ ᚺᛈᚦᚨᛈᛗᚨᛗᚺᛉᛈ

Simon: Hey, Wanda, wanna hit the pool? Everyone’s having a nice soiree thing and– Ah… Sorry, did I interrupt –?

Wanda: Seven hours of casting.

Simon: Sorry. I figured if you were doing anything important, you’d have locked it.

Wanda: I didn’t know I had to, Simon.

Simon: Listen to us. We argue like an old married couple. Makes you rethink not being together, right?

Wanda: Another reason for us not to be together.

Simon: Wow… joking. Just a joke.

Uncanny Avengers Annual 1 by Rick Remender & Paul Renaud