Wanda: ᚦᛉᛇᛋᛃᚱᛟ ᚺᛈᚦᚨᛈᛗᚨᛗᚺᛉᛈ

Simon: Hey, Wanda, wanna hit the pool? Everyone’s having a nice soiree thing and– Ah… Sorry, did I interrupt –?

Wanda: Seven hours of casting.

Simon: Sorry. I figured if you were doing anything important, you’d have locked it.

Wanda: I didn’t know I had to, Simon.

Simon: Listen to us. We argue like an old married couple. Makes you rethink not being together, right?

Wanda: Another reason for us not to be together.

Simon: Wow… joking. Just a joke.

Uncanny Avengers Annual 1 by Rick Remender & Paul Renaud

anonymous asked:

So I'm reading Uncanny Avengers and I realized that I don't remember you ever doing a meta on the history of Wanda's relationship with Simon Williams. If you have, can you post a link. But, if you haven't can you please do one ? :) Thanks !

This has spoilers for UA at the end, but everything is in chronological order so they’re easy to avoid. It also ended up being long (2000+ words) and more focused on Vision than I intended.

I’ll start off with an explanation of who Simon is because he’s not in the movies and a lot of people aren’t familiar with him. Simon Williams is a superhero, a former weapons designer, and the star of a bunch of terrible movies. He has red eyes, and he’s made of ions, which means he can’t exactly die but he keeps dying anyway. His on-again, off-again romance with Wanda is… very physical. It’s based largely on this sexual chemistry they have. I like Simon, but his relationship with Wanda is plagued with sexism, without having the excuse of having begun in the 60′s.

Simon is introduced in Avengers Vol. 1 #9. He’s sent by Baron Zemo to infiltrate the Avengers, but he turns on Zemo, helps the Avengers, and dies because of it. Years later, when Vision is first introduced, it’s revealed that Vision’s brain was based off of Simon’s brain patterns that had been recorded before his death. How much Vision is actually like Simon and whether or not he is his own person is an important question in Vision’s stories for a long time. Early on in their relationship, Wanda suggests Vision go by the name Simon, which is extremely awkward in hindsight.

It turns out that Simon is not dead but comatose and unable to be revived, and Simon’s evil brother Eric shows up to offer Vision the chance to have his brain patterns put into Simon’s comatose body. (Actually, his real plan was to put Vision in Steve’ s body because comics are ridiculous and, again, hindsight is hilarious.) Vision rejects the offer to get a human body, and unlike Eric, he considers himself to be his own person and not Simon Williams. 

The problems come when Simon starts coming back to life over and over. Simon is briefly resurrected a couple of times before being revived by Gerry Conway in the 70’s, and this causes all kinds of issues for Vision. Simon’s resurrection makes him feel “conspicuously artificial.” He is not the real man, but the copy. The self-confidence Vision has built up over the years is stripped away by being reminded that his brain came from a real human and that real human is an Avenger who likes Wanda quite a bit. Cue a lot of Vision angst.

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