Simon Taylor - Family Feud - Adelaide Jerks

With special guest comedian Simon Taylor we watch and bitch about an episode of Australian game show Family Feud.

Well this podcast episode was a long time coming.

After only a month or two of uploading episodes of our show to iTunes and Dailymotion (subscribe people!) I was first contacted by Simon Taylor asking if I’d like to record something together. 

I immediately went into panic mode.

From the get go of creating a podcast, I was familiar with the whole Marc Maron Inside the Actors Studio type show. He does the comedian-talking-to-comedians-about-comedy format to perfection, so why would I ever want to attempt it?

Instead, I was happy to plod along on my foul mouthed tawdry show, watching old Adelaide-related TV or trying to come up with stupid bits to humiliate my co-host with. Never had I anticipated having a guest on, let alone a writer from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

In a true sign of strength, my first response was to direct Simon to some other local, more professional podcasts, which he graciously declined and assured me he enjoyed what we did. A fact that I immediately accepted as gospel and have never sought to verify, strictly for ego reasons.

I agreed to do the collaboration, sailing high on my own sense of self-satisfaction, and it was settled that we’d catch up sometime during the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

That podcast episode never happened.

Due to our respectively busy schedules, combined with a pinch of my own avoidance, we just never got back together until Fringe had come and gone. We made a pact to record something next time Simon was in town before finally departing company, Cassablanca style.

Fast forward four months and we finally made good on the promise. Here it is in all its majesty: three idiots huddled around a TV at 1am, abusing Daryl Sommers in a 30 year old episode of Family Feud.

Marc Maron, you ain’t got shit on me! xx