i just got clearance from the breeder to announce, and not a moment too soon because i was probably going to burst…

Ladies and Gentlemen….

Dori is getting a brofur.

and not just any brofur… but perhaps one of the cutest puppies to ever grace Tumblr. may i present to you….


Ralph has become a bit of a Tumblr sensation after being heavily featured on his dad Caleb’s site with the rest of the cardi crew at Simon Says Bark

i am beyond excited! =D


30 Day Corgi Photo Challenge

Day 4: The Corgi You Always Wanted
This was hard for me, because I didn’t know corgis existed until I was studying abroad and my husband (boyfriend at the time) said, we have a corgi! But now, I can’t imagine my life pre-corgi. I know that of The Gang, Simon is the over-all favorite. But hot damn do I love Caleb. I almost lost it when I saw the puppies a couple of weeks ago. If we had the house and yard for a puppy I would have paid any person any amount of money for one of those Caleb puppies. He is beautiful and, from what his mama posts, one of the best corgis you can ask for.

(all photos from


These were both actually done before Christmas, I’ve just been Super Failpony and haven’t gotten them properly photographed or mailed yet. Because I’m  failing at life right now.

ANYWAYS. These are just some super-fast photos…better ones soon, and then when I have the funds to cover S&H, they’ll be mailed off!!!

The merle Cardigan Corgi is Tempi, for Korat!! She’s made of a combination of grey fleece and white/black felt.

The Fallow deer doe is Kipcha, for…well…Kipcha!!! She’s made of a brown faux-suede/moleskin kind of material and white fleece. Both shades of brown are the same material…the lighter shade is the “inside.” However, I felt that the color nuances warranted using both sides, and I feel like I was right!!!

Both have hand-sewn eyes; a combination of felt and poorly-executed faux-embroidery. Their markings (the black blotches on the merle and the white spots on the doe) are not drawn on, they’re sewn and/or glued material. 

My favorite thing about Tempi the merle pup is her markings; they are as close to accurate as I could get, which makes me proud! My least favorite thing about her is that I was running out of white felt and had to piecemeal her head/neck together, so she looks a little…….frankensteiny there.

My favorite thing about the stuffed Kipcha is her head and ears. Seriously, so cute!!! My least favorite thing about her is that she was intended to be a standing toy, and her legs just splay right out. I should have added some wire armature or used felt instead of fleece. 

Hope you guys like them!!!!

Help Ed

Most of you may (or may not) know Sawyer’s internet corgi friend Ed had to have emergency surgery due to a ruptured bladder. This is an extremely expensive fix. And Ed’s corgi momma is calling out for help in anyway possible. 

I wanted to come up with a creative way to encourage people to donate, and here is my proposal:

If anyone donates at least 20 dollars, let me know and I will send you a 5x7 print of Sawyer (paw signed as well). Not only that, but Emma and Nicole have also said they would join in as well. So if you’d rather an Emma print, that works too. These’s prints will be Limited Edition, so once they run out they will never be printed again. 

I’d also like to put out a call to any other Corgiparents who’d like to donate a print! iPhone photos won’t work, if the photo is from a DSLR the resolution needs to be 300 dpi.

Once we’ve gotten a few other Corgi’s involved I will post the photos that are available. At that point all you have to do is email ( a screen shot of your donation confirmation.

We all wish Ed a very speedy recovery!

simonsaysbark replied to your post: Alton Brown has Corgis. I might be overly excited…

Hhahah! Yes! They’re in an episode, too! I saw them and went “CARDI” and recorded it and haven’t taken it off the DVR yet. ;)

He just tweeted about them (with a photo).. I missed the tweet, but my friends know I’m a crazy Corgi lady and made sure to retweet and tag me in it :)

Any idea what the episode is called.. or what he’s making? Might have to download it! They stopped airing Good Eats here, and I’m very sad about that.