30 Day Corgi Photo Challenge

Day 4: The Corgi You Always Wanted
This was hard for me, because I didn’t know corgis existed until I was studying abroad and my husband (boyfriend at the time) said, we have a corgi! But now, I can’t imagine my life pre-corgi. I know that of The Gang, Simon is the over-all favorite. But hot damn do I love Caleb. I almost lost it when I saw the puppies a couple of weeks ago. If we had the house and yard for a puppy I would have paid any person any amount of money for one of those Caleb puppies. He is beautiful and, from what his mama posts, one of the best corgis you can ask for.

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5 things about Trinket (tagged by omelettethecorgi chairmanbaobaoski jasperislington hollawolla marcel-lecorgi)

Likes to pose for pictures. She gets excited when I reach for my camera.

Loves apples

Likes to chase/herd dogs (mostly Trigger). Dislikes being chased.

Likes to pounce on bushes to look for birds and cats.

Beautiful (sometimes spooky) amber eyes

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