Why did Gabriel hug Adrien? Part 1 of 2

I was watching Simon Says tonight and at the part where Gabriel hugged Adrien, I remembered how insane everyone went over it. Gabriel suddenly a caring father to his son??? Where’s the logic in that?!
Well my friends, let me shed some light on this.

Simon Says had hypnotized Gabriel, making him think he was an airplane and needed to take off, so Gabriel went to the roof to do just that.

When Simon Says is defeated, he regains his own self control just as he was about to jump off the ledge. When he realizes where he is, looks scared and nervous. If you woke up with no memory of ending up here, seeing you could’ve very well died, what would you do?

We also saw Adrien’s mother for the first time in this episode. This is very crucial to the theory as we saw her MULTIPLE times through the episode.

Now I know we rat on Gabriel for being overbearing, controlling, overprotective and neglectful. But I think he really does care for Adrien.

Think about it.
Adrien is his son and his wife is gone.

Gabriel almost died.
And even worse, he almost left his own child parentless.

Not only that, but Adrien is possibly the closest thing Gabriel will ever have to his wife, after she has disspeared.

And in the Origins Part 1, we see Hawkmoth in civilian form covered by shadows with a locket, containing a photo of Adrien’s mother. We are given the information that the ladybug and the black cat miraculous are the most powerful miraculous of all, with the power to create and the power to destroy, when combined they will have the absolute power. (My definition of this, is to have god-like abilities.)

He says he wants this absolute power. After a little more dialogue, he strokes the locket affectionately, and tells Nooroo to remind him of the powers he has obtained with the moth/butterfly miraculous again. More dialogue, he stomps his foot in frustration, rephrasing to he MUST have this absolute power. It changed from a want, to an absolute need.

All villains have a motive. Whether is be money, power, revenge, or something else more personal. Assuming here Hawkmoth is Gabriel and Adrien’s mother is in fact deceased, what would Gabriel, the man with everything, want with ultimate power?

The one the he DOESN’T have.
His wife.

Now, on with the peacock miraculous and the Agreste’s ties to it.

(Continued in Part 2)

(Part 2: Coming soon)

Artist Draws Her Cat In 12 Different Styles From Disney To Tim Burton

Julija K., an animation student in Germany who goes by Miyuli online, has created a fun series of images in which she uses her cat to explore different illustration styles. The cat, who remains nameless, goes through radical transformations as he (or she) turns into cats that could’ve been drawn by Disney, Tim Burton or even Dr. Seuss!

Today was a huge day for the Channel Frederator Network as it announced the welcoming of Simon’s Cat (YouTube’s second-biggest animation channel) to the newly launched network. Articles from Deadline, Variety, Tubefilter, VideoInk, The Wrap and Kidscreen all covered the news.

Simon’s Cat is in good company as the network consists of over 140 channels, 6 million total subscribers and over 500 million total views and growing.

Channel Frederator uploaded a brand new trailer to help launch the network highlighting some of the creators who have also joined up.

Click here for more information on the Channel Frederator Network.

Thank you to everyone who covered and broke the news!