somethin’ I made for @roskakatos because their pennywise characters are wonderful and cute. I slowly feel like a freak but can’t help it… drawing others’ characters kinda supports me through the days.

 I also wanted to make a hommage to the “simons cat” series, which can be seen in the title of this animation, too. dunno if I’ll ever finish this, but sadly as I know myself I guess I won’t, so it will stay a rough animation for now. 

 hope ya like it, even if it’s really rough and unfinished.


Simon’s Cat and Kitten join forces to steal Simon’s dinner. 

NEW FILM ‘Simon’s Cat - Fast Food’ (A Thanksgiving special) OUT MEOW!

  • izzy: and so, i think i may hold romantic feelings for you
  • simon: i know, my cat has told me about your late night talks with alec
  • izzy: what?
  • simon: it also told me that alec likes to lie face down on the floor of your bedroom and talk about how magnus's smile is "like the sun itself"
  • alec, from the institute: WHAT

This was for an assignment that involved morphing well known characters together to look at different styles. We didn’t have to animate it, but I thought it would look cool as hell! I also focused on cartoon cats to keep this more cohesive. I also may add more cats in eventually, but for now these cats were featured:

  • Felix the Cat
  • Garfield
  • Duchess from Aristocats
  • Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Simon’s Cat
  • Cat from Catdog

shadowhunters group chat

Jace: hey magnus, can i borrow your cat?
Simon: what
Jace: lewis, quit texting me, i’m trying to talk to magnus
Magnus: Jace, you texted the group chat. Not just me. I thought Clary & Simon were teaching you how to use your phone?? 🤔
Clary: i swear i am !! i mean ,, you try teaching him. for all the things he excels in, he’s just awful with mundane technology
Simon: shadowhunter culture 🙄
Alec: why are you asking my boyfriend to borrow his cat?? is this not bothering anyone else?
Izzy: ^^^ it’s bothering me
Jace: i meant to JUST text magnus. duck this
Jace: *duck
Jace: FUCK
Jace: by the angel the ducks have infiltrated even my phone
Simon: i can’t believe the “great jace herondale” can be taken down by a duck & some mundane tech
Jace: i resent those quotation marks
Jace: also, shut up, lewis
Clary: 🦆🦆🦆
Alec: clary, if he shows up at my & magnus’s doorstep tonight because he had a nightmare about ducks, i am sending him straight to you
Clary: 😳
Clary: 🦆
Simon: 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆
Jace: i will not tell you people. i’m calling magnus. i only want to speak to him
Simon: lmao he just called me
Izzy: he called me too
Magnus: I’m just going to call him, this is ridiculous.
Simon: how were iz & alec able to get the hang of their phones quickly but jace is still having trouble? isn’t he supposed to be all-knowing
Clary: simon, he’s going to kick your ass
Simon: 😋🤓😌😉😉😉
Alec: i think you’ll find that izzy & i excel in most things. jace is just the flashiest of the lightwood siblings
Magnus: So I called him.
Izzy: and???? why does he want to borrow your cat??
Jace: magnus bane, DO NOT TELL THEM
Magnus: I’m sorry, but I must.
Izzy: TELL US 🔪🔪🔪
Magnus: He wants to borrow my cat who, in Jace’s words, “has the same hair color as Clary.”
Alec: by the angel, jace
Izzy: jace, do you want to just tell all of us that you’re in love with clary?
Jace: NO. i am in love WITH THE CAT
Clary: …so you don’t want me to come to the institute to see you tonight?
Alec: i’m going to make this easier for you both. clary, he loves you. jace, leave my boyfriend & his cats alone.
Jace: i still want to borrow the ducking cat

Simon: *comes home with a lump under his shirt* H-hi Baz.

Baz: *doesn’t even look up and is not amused* What’s under your shirt, Simon.

Simon: *laughs nervously* What haha nothing.

Baz: Is it that cat i told you we couldn’t get.

Simon: *sweats* Um no.

Simon’s Shirt: *meows*


Fish Tank - Simon’s Cat | B&W