Outlast 2 == Scooby Doo Zombie Island

Daphne Blake = Lynn Langermann because she’s the anchor for the news show and is pretty much with Freddy and he’s the cameraman also she’s good at her job
Fred Jones = Blake Langermann because he’s the camera for Daphne show and he dates her and is bad at that job
Shaggy Rogers = dude on wheel because he and scooby are close
Scooby = rack lady because he and shaggy are close
Velma = Ethan because Ethan is gud and Velma is unappreciated and Ethan has a short time in the game therefore unappreciated
Leena = marta because black hair and a veil thing and is also part of weird cat cult
Simone = val because blonde hair and similar haircut and clothing style and body shape and is also part of weird cat cult but kinda extreme
All the cats = heretics/followers because the cat cult thing
Tugboat dude = papa Knoth because he’s a dude cat cult and is also big
Alligator dude with pig = the lepurs because neutral
Gardner/detective = in loving memory of Miles upshur because he’s good at his job of investigating shit and getting way too invested
Zombies = in loving memory of the variants from mount massive because they are sympathetic and scary
Morgan moonscar = Waylon park if he was a dead Santa zombie who was also pretty sexy compared to the other zombies because Waylon was considered to most of the variants and also because Morgan moonscar is the leader of the zombies and stuff and told the gang to leave the island because death and Waylon is the whistleblower

-call up scoobert doobert himself, we’re making this happen
  • izzy: and so, i think i may hold romantic feelings for you
  • simon: i know, my cat has told me about your late night talks with alec
  • izzy: what?
  • simon: it also told me that alec likes to lie face down on the floor of your bedroom and talk about how magnus's smile is "like the sun itself"
  • alec, from the institute: WHAT

This was for an assignment that involved morphing well known characters together to look at different styles. We didn’t have to animate it, but I thought it would look cool as hell! I also focused on cartoon cats to keep this more cohesive. I also may add more cats in eventually, but for now these cats were featured:

  • Felix the Cat
  • Garfield
  • Duchess from Aristocats
  • Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Simon’s Cat
  • Cat from Catdog