Simon “i am a nerd vampire” Lewis: 

Jace “I don’t really care about my last’‘  Wayland/Herondale:

Clary ’'why bad things happen to me?’' Fray:

Isabelle ’'i’m a bitch but i still perfect’' Lightwood: 

Magnus ’'glitters before you’'  Bane:

Alec ’'i am still grumpy but cute” Lightwood:

Raphael “i’m a shit but you love” Santiago:


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shadowhunterstv: Signing off with Kat and Alberto!! Have a great night!#Alishatakeover - @alishawainwright

Hello human my old friend, I’ve come to stalk you once again. My gentle paws softly creeping. About to pounce while you lay sleeping. When my throat contracted filled with a ticklish ungodly mess, you know the rest. And so you awoke to the sound of hairballs.