hehY GUYys i spent the last six hours making… drumroll pls….. tHE LORD OF THE FLIES PIXEL SET V2 !!!!!!!!!


shipping pixels!!!
more outfits for the main cast
samneric look less stupid
shipping pixels
tiny blushy jacks ♥ ♥ ♥

i tried to include every paring under the sun but if ur otp aint in there (it prolly is) then pls feel free to make it urself my hands are so ti r e d

theres a roger in here that was made by simongif and a piggy done by fogspecs!! if u do any edits then omg pls show me id love to see

download the new + improved set here

(dw it contains the originals too)

a big thank u to feastings for making the originals!!!!!!!!

he y so this is simongif here… our lovely admin of everyone’s favorite ask jack + ralph blog left her tumblr logged in on my phone (^:

so i found this old thing in her drafts and thought everyone would want to see it (since i know she’ll never post it herself) (^: (^: (^:

have a nice day God bless every one of u