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It was the day before the charity football match and Simon was acting very strange. He was acting like he was nervous which worried you because he was never nervous. He was always so confident in himself. He knew that even if he didn’t win, he would have done his best, but this time was different. He didn’t even talk to you about it and he always talked to you about everything.

The night before, you both wanted to get some rest as you had to be up early in the morning, so you decided to go to bed earlyer than usual. As you were lying there trying to go to sleep, you felt Simon turn over and wrap his arms around you, pulling you closer. You were confused as he never usually did that unless something was wrong.

——-TIME SKIP ——-

The day of the match came and you were at the pitch where the match was taking place with all the guys. You were in the changing rooms talking to some of the others and Simon kept coming up to you and hugging you, just being very clingy. You assumed it was because he was nervous, just like last night.
“Simon is everything okay?”
“Yhh course y/n. Why?”
“Your just being very… I don’t know… Clingy. Is it because your nervous? You don’t need to be nervous babe. Your going to do great. You always do”
“Thank you babe. You always know what to say to make me feel better”
You hugged him and kissed him before he he went and got ready for the match. You went and sat with the other girls and watched them. They did amazing and won aswell. He kept looking over at you for reassurance in the game and you gave him a smile and a wave. That helped him do the best he could. You were so proud of your boyfriend, and the other guys.
Coco out 🐼💞

{sorry this took so long to write, I just had some stuff I had to deal with at home but I’m back now ☺️👌🏻}


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Originally posted by ohsidemen