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there are those characters that HAVE to die because it would make no sense for their character to just leave the show and move, or something like that …

and then there’s those characters who’s death serves no purpose and could’ve easily been avoided or written off if the actors wanted to leave and you just stare into the sun and scream into the abyss because that didn’t need to happen.

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So for AOS season 5, you know how Nathan Fillion was cast as Simon Williams / Wonder Man?

How about this for a filler episode:

Famous A-list actor Simon “The Wonder Man” Williams is making a movie based on SHIELD. The gang watches in and everyone except Coulson and May are disgusted by how they’re portrayed.

Coulson is fine with it since Simon Williams is playing him, which is pretty rad. Meanwhile, May is being played by famous actress Ming-Na Wen (think of how meta this would be).

Meanwhile, Daisy and Robbie got whitewashed (reflects how Asian/Latinx/POC characters are treated in real life), Jemma and Fitz are oversexualized and are just basic eye candy throughout the movie, and Mack and Elena are the POC comic relief characters who get the shitty dialogue.

This leads to SHIELD going undercover as civilians in order to confront Simon Williams.

anonymous asked:

What books do you recommend???

oh wow i have a lot of recommendations actually, and i’m gonna try to focus on the diverse ones that i absolutely loved :)

  • anything ever written by melina marchetta! she’s my favorite author of all times i’d recommend starting with jellicoe road (if you’re into contemporary fiction more) or lumatere chronicles (if you like high fantasy more)


  • six of crows by leigh bardugo
  • tiger lily by jodi lynn anderson
  • the young elites by marie lu
  • falling kingdoms by morgan rhodes
  • an ember in the ashes by sabaa tahir
  • the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh
  • the forbidden wish by jessica khoury


  • tiny pretty things by dhonielle clayton and sona charaipotra
  • beginner’s guide: love and other chemical reactions by six delos reyes
  • simon vs the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertalli
  • the unforgettables by g.l. thomas
  • the sun is also a star by nicola yoon
  • more happy than not by adam silvera
  • keeping the distance by clarisse david
  • lies we tell ourselves by robin talley


  • addicted series by krista and becca ritchie
  • a hundred thousand words by nyrae dawn
  • into the blue by pene henson
  • the melody of you and me by m. holis
  • trade me/hold me by courtney milan
  • the wall of winnipeg and me by marianna zapata

Here are my most anticipated DC Rebirth comic books! When I started reading comic books, I mainly stuck with Marvel because they had more POC heroes like Sam Alexander and Miles Morales, but I always wanted to read DC. I started with Doctor Fate and Prez but those were relatively low-key. Now with Rebirth, I cannot wait to read more DC. So here we go!

The one I’m most excited for is Green Lanterns. When on the fringes of DC, I was most interested in the Green Lanterns because of Moviebob’s crazy Green Lantern comic videos and I love outer space stuff. This series also has two POC heroes, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, that I wanted to read but were very obscure and not featured at all. Sam Humphries is also one of my favorite writers (Weirdworld, Jonesy, Star-Lord) so I am very excited for this book. It’s a lot like Nova so I guess all you need to get me to read a comic is set it in space and have Latinx star, haha!

I was first introduced to Blue Beetle in the Batman the Brave the Bold and Young Justice cartoon but I wasn’t that familiar with the comic stuff so I will definitely be reading this.

I’ve never been a huge Batman guy but after @hellyeahteensuperheroes recommendation and award for the Robin: Son of Batman series, I have become a big Damian Wayne fan so Teen Titans and Super Sons not only sound super fun, but also feature a character I really like. I’m very excited for those two.

New Superman has my money purely based on the premise and Gene Luen Yang as the writer. He wrote graphic novels that were very helpful in helping me come to terms with what my race meant, despite me being Latino, and a Superman based in Chinese culture sounds super awesome and right up his alley. I’m staying in the dark on this one because I want to be wowed.

What are you guys excited about?