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It’s terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true. The bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and, uh, we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies and… everybody lives happily ever after. x

Who you should fight: Shadowhunters edition
  • Clary: she's tiny and might seem an easy target, but she's also a shadowhunter and generally filled with rage. A very careful approach is advised
  • Simon: you could fight Simon. Even as a vampire, he's pretty harmless. You could take him, although I'm not sure why you'd want to hurt this cinnamon roll. Just be aware you'll have a clan of vampires and a few shadowhunters out for your head if you do
  • Jace: not a good idea. Don't fight Jace. The only chance you'd have is to attack him when he's too deep in his self-loathing to notice you approaching, and even then you would only get a punch or two before he breaks every bone in your body
  • Isabelle: do NOT fight Isabelle Lightwood. She'll wreck you and you will look up from the ground, lying in a pool of your own blood, wondering why you decided to anger this beautiful, warrior goddess, as she smirks at you, and you'll think that no death will be sweeter than the one where you can look upon her face
  • Alec: don't fight Alec. Even if you do manage to beat him, which is very unlikely but let's say for a second you do beat him somehow, you'll have to face his enraged siblings and his boyfriend, and that's not a situation you can come out of alive
  • Magnus: are you kidding me. Do you wanna fucking die buddy. Because that's a High Warlock, he'll atomize you and send your remains in the deepest, darkest reaches of Hell by snapping his fingers as he drinks his cocktail in his armchair. And magic aside, have you seen those arms? Dude is ripped, I wouldn't want to get punched by him. Also, look at you, there's an arrow in your knee, wonder how it got there
  • Raphael: bad idea. Don't fight Raphael. He's a vampire and has biceps that could make his shirts explode
  • Luke: why the fuck would you fight Luke. You'll lose, and hasn't this guy been through enough already? Give this dad a break, Jeez
  • Lydia: you probably shouldn't. We haven't seen that much of her fighting, but I have the feeling it won't end well for you
  • Valentine: well, I'm rooting for you but you're gonna be dead before you even reach him, torn to shreds by all of his followers. Although if you do manage to reach him, then please hit him for me too before he guts you

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What are some good saphael fics you recommend? –This fic is adorable and the idea of dreamwalkers is really cool. Basically I’m a sucker for soulmate fics. –Simon earns back Raphael’s trust (and love)! More than an apology fic, Simon actually does stuff that gets Raphael’s trust back. There’s a preceding fic that I also recommend: and basically anything by Scalira in general is good. –The Saphael alphabet is adorable –It’s currently unfinished, but it’s got a really nice time-travel plot going and a great slow burn and they update pretty regularly. –ongoing, if you don’t mind OC’s the Mia Santiago chronicles are pretty awesome and it features a good bit of Saphael and Malec –slightly more on the mature side, but Mustang Kids is just beautiful to read and it’s just twisted in the best ways, it features all the ships. All of them. –another ongoing, but really good fic –the most adorable wedding fic – also ongoing, but also really good, both in plot and the saphael fluff, it’s a little angsty on a couple ends, but overall it’s just a really interesting read –another ongoing, working for forgiveness fic, it got a little more mature the last chapter and there’s a demon fight with some violence, but it’s a good fic and I just about cried because of it so yeah –ongoing, actually a Malec-centric fic but it’s got enough saphael for me to still rec it here and all the food porn from the bakery is just yes and it’s great <3

I’m sure there’s more but here are my current favorites that I remembered. I’ll have to make a fic rec archive or something ‘cause there’s just too many Saphael fics I love.