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Gurren Lagann turns 10 years old today!!
I can’t put into words how special this show is to me. Ask Beepo, I cry if I think about it for more than 5 seconds. So here’s female Simon, in the exact same outfit from my first cos ever, which still somehow fits seven years later.

anonymous asked:

since simon knows how to do makeup would he teach/bond with rayfa by teaching her how to use makeup? (after bonding and stuff he does cosplay makeup so they can troll people, or something else like scare them)

I love this really I just love Simon bonding with Rayfa so much. 

I’m just picturing him seeing her trying to put on makeup for some sort of formal event while she and Nahyuta are on a diplomatic trip to the U.S.  

Normally she has people do her makeup for her, but her brother insisted on getting read at Simon’s apartment for some reason instead of somewhere that would make sense.  While Nahyuta is showering, she is in Simon’s living room, using a small mirror and trying her hardest to put on some mascara and blush to try and make herself look a bit more elegant and grown up.  However, when she finishes, she realized that she had raccoon eyes and too much bright red blush that made her look clownish.  

She wouldn’t have had to deal with this if Nahyuta could just control himself when it came to the damn panda head! 

Speaking of, Simon emerges from his bedroom dressed in most of his tuxedo for the evening.  Really, he looks quite dashing…at least until he takes one look at her face and starts hysterically laughing.  

“Shut up, panda head!” 

She begins furiously rubbing at her eyes and cheeks with a makeup remover cloth, clearly frustrated as she angrily mutters in Khura’inese.  

Simon catches her wrist and tells her to not be so rough, but she yanks her hand away.  

“What do you know about this stuff?” 

He tells Rayfa she would be surprised, and retreats back into his room for something.  By the time he returns, Rayfa’s face is clean again and he has his makeup kit; he sits down on the table in front of her. 

“Close your eyes.”

She raises an eyebrow at him at first but soon obeys, figuring that he couldn’t possibly be worse at this than she was, and if he made her look terrible she could just yell at Nahyuta for this.  

He explains everything that he does, as if giving her instructions, and she scoffs a few times - how on earth would a former convict know anything about makeup and beauty tips?  He doesn’t answer this particular question and just keeps working.  

Fifteen to twenty minutes later he tells her to open her eyes. 

And in the mirror, Rayfa sees herself if she could believe it, Simon did a better job than even her normal makeup artists in Khura’in; he put on just enough to make her appear elegant and formal, but not so much to make her look significantly older.  She still looked like her

She stares at him. 

“I do a lot of cosplay.” 

“…What is that?” 

And Simon launches into a full explanation of cosplay and how it was an important part of his life when he was younger and resumed it once he got out.  

She asked him if he could help her with a Plumed Punisher cosplay. 

(And yes, the next time he visits Khura’in, he and her spend time in zombie makeup messing with different servants.  Neither Amara nor Nahyuta is pleased.)


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