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Angry Gay YA Characters Should Compare Notes More Often...
  • Baz Pitch: I'm so gay and hopelessly in love with a guy but I don't know if he's interested at all. What do I do?
  • Ronan Lynch: Okay so first, you gotta be a huge asshole whenever you can manage it. Then, be sure to only refer to him by his last name...

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I'm gonna be honest that the quote about Liam and the baby made me doubt a bit but your blog always helps me and reassures me. But I also like to hurt myself so I listened to the audio and if the audio came out before that quote I wouldn't have doubted for a second. Melly, Liam can barely sell it unless it's on print. I can't help laughing cause he seemed like he forgot his lines. Live interviewers are so telling

Here’s the thing! No matter how many Cherliam Lifetime Original Movie moments Team solo!Loammy have spun in the last two weeks, that’s still not going to make me and my Boobs Instincts forget the Lemony Snickett of fuckiness that occurred before that baby was born.

Let us put on our best Investigation Bras and go on a Journey of Fuckiness:

- Cherliam was announced as a Dan Wootton Hoofsclusive (February 27)

- The CheriamNews update account was created 2 full days prior to the Dan Wootton article revealing them as “secret lovers” (ohmygod i cannot type that with a straight face)

- Cheryl and Liam’s relationship immediately gets called out for being fake, because duh:

- But not before grossing everyone out by spinning a romance narrative that featured a 24 year old Cheryl and a 14 year old Loammy

- Cheryl’s 874 year long pregnancy begins, with pregnancy headlines running almost immediately, beginning in March 2016. Bump watch headlines begin in May:

- Which then leads to another Dan Wootton Hoofsclusive from a “source” that was 100% Cheryl that they were “trying” for a baby (never mind that they were dating for 10 minutes or that she was still legally married or that he was embarking on a solo career or who the fuck would announce to Dan Wootton they were “trying” for a baby in the first place ):

- Cheryl was baiting the press before she was even pregnant by wearing sack dresses one day with hand pressed to her belly, and the next wearing well tailored outfits. While all this was happening, she was also selling stories to the tabloids almost daily while simultaneously calling for her privacy. I can’t.  

- Through all of this, Loammy is only seen with Cheryl a small handful of times, having fucked off to LA for almost the entirety of her 874 year long pregnancy. To try and mitigate that, daily stories are run that seed reasons for Loammy’s absence during her pregnancy and for why Loammy won’t be present for raising that baby shortly after its born. 

- If that’s not enough fuckiness for you, there was also the fuckton of ran and solved blind items about Cherliam that were simultaneously running counter narratives.

But sure, nothing to see here, everything looks totally unsuspish and unfucky!

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Do you know the meaning behind Dan's triangle tattoo on his forearm. It's a cool design? Love your blog by the way!!!

The mad trio of Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett, and Dan Stevens 

during filming of The Guest went crazy with the triangle motifs in the movie. 

If you watch The Guest closely there are all kinds of triangles (around Anna’s neck, Luke’s protractor is a triangle…etc). 

stealth triangle move there Dan….

Adam has said it doesn’t mean anything in particular but it’s got that masonic/ illuminati thing going for it…so triangles…

so harrry potter has a gay wizard
the mortal instruments has a bisexual warlock
carry on has two gay mages
the raven cycle has a bisexual magician
and lets be real most of the witches in throne of glass are lesbians.

I have to tell you, my friends, magic aint straight..

I wanna put something in perspective regarding the Gail Simone commentary. I think I probably come across as mounting a defense in my posts, but that’s not what this is. I can’t engage with someone critically until I have tried to understand thier perspective.

Gail Simone is the same age as Amy Adams. Both women were 4 years old when the Donner Superman came out, and Amy talks about the Donner films like a fairy tale romance, she credits them for the way she feels about Superman. She loves that Lois, and she sees Superman as a romantic hero. She’s also always been SUPER open about finding both Henry and Superman sexy. I will defend her right to do so with one foot in the grave.

The movie that came out the year I was four years old was Tim Burton’s Batman. Now that movie scared the piss out of me but it also gave me a really really strong romantic link to Batman. He was everywhere during those films, Batman was omnipresent, and he was romantic and tragic and also selling a lot of pizza as I remember it. That’s my perspective. I will always be weirdly protective of the 90s Batman films even as I rewatch them as an adult and grapple with their flaws.

I think it’s as hard for some people to understand my rosy nostalgia about Burton’s Batman as it is for me to understand what the Donner films may have meant to Gail and Amy.

I find it hard to blame Gail for not “getting” the Snyder films, and I think she doesn’t. I’m sure she’ll find that attitude condescending, because she is an Industry Professional and I am just a Snyder Fan, but it’s actually just looking at her perspective and acknowledging that it is both human and limited.

I think lots of older people enjoy these films, but inevitably some of them will already have their Superman. I believe in making room for those people, because as much as the DCEU means to me, Superman has begun to matter just as much.