The first nine of our Siren Shoot, a few more will follow!
Special thanks to our amazing photographer, check out their blog:
My amazing Simon Monroe:
Me as Kieren Walker


Dog Therapy 

For a proper treatment of PDS desease and to reduce chances of an occuring feeling of loneliness, an intense interaction such as cuddling or petting of dogs or other comparably cute things is strongly recommended.

First and glorious outtake set of us, tadaaa! Theres more dumb faces to come, also more Sieren action (be patient, my friends) and Amy/Kieren moments of love. ♥

Find the other In the Flesh photosets here: x x x x x

Amy Dyer kassna
Simon Monroe mi-caw-ber
Kieren Walker itsloki
Photographer chibibanane


“Last thought I remember thinking was just that it was so unfair. Like I’d been benched before I even got to play the game.”


In the Flesh photo set 3/x (1 | 2)

Amy Dyer - kassna
Kieren Walker & edit - itsloki
Simon Monroe - mi-caw-ber

Photography - chibibanane


Being Amy for our 2014 (Halloween) shooting was a wonderful experience that I’d love to repeat! With my best BDFFs of course. ;)
Tee, vest and all the jewelry is selfmade, hair is my own. :D


I don’t have the makeup or the lenses yet (so let’s just say kieren asked him to wear makeup again) but I wanted to costest Simon Monroe because my gorgeous Kieren aka Tyreelll did a costest so yeah. I don’t know if I’m good as Simon or not but I don’t really care. I’ll post more stuff when I have everything. I’m also getting a haircut this friday so yeah everything will be much better soon.