Larry Clark Exhibition At Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong

Following the debut of the artist’s “What Do You Do For Fun?” exhibition at the Simon Lee Gallery in London, American filmmaker and photographer Larry Clark is set to open his first show in Asia at the Hong Kong branch of the gallery later this month. Associated by most with his directing of 1995′s Harmony Korine-written Kids – long considered the best and most accurate depiction of youth skate culture on film – Clark’s career has centered around unforgettable and oft-controversial documentaries on sexuality, violence and drug use. This brand new exhibition includes selections from two of Clark’s most celebrated works – Tulsa (1963-1971) and Teenage Lust (1963-1983) – which, respectively, highlight cultural shifts in Clark’s Oklahoman hometown and an “autobiographical” look at his teenage past via the cultural margins of New York City. The selections are set to be available for viewing at the Simon Lee Gallery in Hong Kong beginning this Friday, April 12 and will remain on display through May 16.