Out This Week! Dragons Vol.4: The Stowaway by Simon Furman and Iwan Nazif!


The Dragons Training Academy gets a new student – a handsome, brave young man named Hroar! It seems that Hroar has stowed away on one of Berk’s ships to visit Berk and check out the dragons. And as Hroar becomes more and more popular by impressing Hiccup’s friends (especially Astrid), Hiccup grows increasingly suspicious of him…



Writer: Simon Furman
Artists: Zak Simmonds-Hurn
Covers: Lucas Ferreyra, Photo
FC • 32pp • $3.99 • On Sale Jan 6


A daring robbery takes place and someone is trying to tear the Furious Five apart! The evidence points toward… Tigress! Is she really a traitor? All will be revealed in ‘Divide and Conquer!’

Cover A Lucas Ferreyra - Order Code: NOV151665
Cover B Photo - Order Code: NOV151666

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Fans of Transformers in its various incarnations are probably aware of the work of writer Simon Furman. If they’re particularly history-conscious, they might also be aware of the work of artist Derek Yaniger, who drew portions of Marvel’s Transformers: Generation 2 comic with incredible style.

But. Didja know the two of them worked on another property together?

In 1992, Furman and Yaniger produced the first issue of Marvel’s Toxic Crusaders comic, a tie-in to the short-lived franchise of the same name. The book was one of Furman’s rare stabs at feature-length humor, and the results - if not sidesplitting - come off much better than his roughly contemporary work on The Sensational She-Hulk, where he never seemed quite comfortable handling the lead character. Yaniger’s art, meanwhile, feels more evocative of Evan Dorkin here than his Transformers material, although I think this cartooning style just might have been popular at the time.

Toxic Crusaders issue 1, “The Making of Toxie”. Part 2 of 3 (part 1 is here). More to come!

Original art for the one-page Death’s Head story “High Noon Tex”, which was run prior to the character’s Transformers UK appearance in order to secure the rights with Marvel rather than Hasbro. Though artist Geoff Senior created Death’s Head along with writer Simon Furman, art for this page was by Bryan Hitch. The note penciled along the top says “Death’s Head Thingie”.

I purchased this from Simon at BotCon ‘97 (hence the signature), and it’s remained framed in a place of honor ever since.

(Not like “creepy shrine” place of honor, more like “near my desk” place of honor.)

James Roberts vs. Simon Furman

((Because what Mairghread Scott’s been saying refarding Windblade has gotten the gears in my head turning like crazy. Warning, if you’re a really big Furman fan, you might want to look away. I love the guy, but it’s time some things got said in regards to his writing style.))

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