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What are your thoughts on the accusations of Sasha failing Simone this season with choreo? I've noticed it mostly comes from V/almani fans that were probably gullible enough to believe the manipulation that was happening. Choreography is subjective because everyone has their own preferences, but I'm inclined to believe V/almani stans were threatened by Simone since her dances were generally well-received by the GP and she might have been doing better in votes than Normani.

I think Sasha did a great job this season with choreography. He wasn’t perfect, but he was right up there with Artem, Emma and Lindsay in terms of choreography this season.

Also, they should have felt threatened by Simone. I still believe that Simone, Rashad and David were getting the majority of the votes this season. I think Simone was the easiest for Normani to overcome. But they had to do a lot in order to make sure that Simone was really down. Hence, the roasting that she got from the judges in the semi finals that would lead to her losing her composure a tiny bit and ultimately her departure the next week. That’s why I had been saying Normani wasn’t getting any votes. They had to go to extreme measures to get rid of Simone.


“I can tell you that fully consensual, emotionally driven, not-for-profit sexual intercourse has been attained.”

Classic Literature

Foreign Language Literature

Biology & Medicine




Geography & Anthropology

Economics & Politics



Philosophy & Theology

Art & Art History


[This is by no means a perfect list and I had real trouble finding books written by female authors, specifically in more scientific areas, so if you have any recommendations then send them to me and I’ll update this list]

Maid For A Day - Dave Hodgman

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 4345

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving in a way), Master Kink

Notes: I blame Persona 5 for this idea. It was just a funny idea and I can see Dave’s friends trying to get him laid. This is kinda just pure silliness that leads to fucking a hot guy.

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  • Simon: *becomes a vampire*
  • Simon: nope nope nope nopenopenopenopenope lmao nope fuck this NOPE I'm cancelled it's over everyone pack up go home that's a no from me absolutely not bye bitches hasta la vista I'm exiting this dimension adios fuckers
  • Simon: *meets Raphael*
  • Simon: cool cool cool tight tight tight sign me the FUCK up yup I'm in I'm hip vamps for life fam yup yup yup I'm good crisis averted my depression is cured I'm reborn I'm on board with this now