Simon Cartwright: [struggling against the handcuffs] Can we take these off? I haven’t hurt anyone in six years.

Dr. Karen Shoemaker: It says here you attacked an orderly.

Simon Cartwright: He burnt me with a cigarette.

Dr. Karen Shoemaker: He’s in a wheelchair now!

-“The Ugly”


The Astronomer’s Sun,Jessica Cope, Simon Cartwright, 2010.                                                 
British Student Animation Dominates Sundance and Slamdance, Daniels Win Directing Prize for 'Swiss Army Man'

“British student films dominated Park City, Utah last week, winning the top animated short prizes at both the Sundance Film Festival and its more indie offshoot, Slamdance.

At Sundance, the animation short film jury award was presented to Nina Gantz for her stop motion graduation film Edmond (top, left) produced at the National Film and Television School. Gantz’s film is also currently nominated for a BAFTA award, where it is competing against another NFTS graduation film, Simon Cartwright’s Manoman, and Richard Williams’ Prologue.

At Slamdance, the jury award for animation short was awarded to Marcus Armitage’s graduation short My Dad produced at the Royal College of Art. The jury statement said that the film ‘expresses compelling universal themes — the director’s powerful, heartbreaking message and the film’s bold, colorful palette are perfectly suited to his experimental animation format.’

Slamdance’s honorable mention for animated short was awarded to Josh Shaffner for Flaws.”


The Astronomer’s Sun - Jessica Cope and Simon Cartwright

I also saw the set and some of the figures for this short.  This one is not at all creepy but rather sweet and poignant.  I can’t help but think ‘poor teddy!’ 

There was another set and character called ‘The Final Communique’ - I have had a search on the internet and I can’t seem to find this one.  I loved the set and would really love to watch the short.  If anyone knows where it can be viewed, please let me know :)

The boy, who had biceps the size of Simon’s head, reached across the table and offered a hand. Despite his extreme arm intimidation, Simon shook it.
“I’m Jonathan Cartwright. Pleasure.”
“Jonathan,” Simon repeated.
“It’s a very common name for Shadowhunters,” said Jon. “After Jonathan Shadowhun—”
“Er, no, I know, I have my copy of the Codex,” said Simon. Clary had given him hers, actually, and he’d had fun reading the scribbling of practically everybody in the Institute on the pages. He’d felt he was getting to know them, safely away from them where they could not see him fail and expose his gaps of knowledge. “It’s just … I know some people called Jonathan. Not that any of them call themselves Jonathan. Called themselves Jonathan.”
He did not remember much about Clary’s brother, but he knew his name. He did not particularly want to remember more.
—  Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy
Julie looked awkwardly at Beatriz, who stared down at her feet. “You ask,” Beatriz murmured.
“Better if you do,” Julie shot back.
Jon rolled his eyes. “Oh, by the Angel! I’ll do it.” He pulled himself up to his full, impressive height, rested his hands on his hips, and peered down his regal nose at Simon. It had the look of a pose practiced in the mirror. “We want you to tell us about vampires.”
Simon grinned. “What do you want to know? Scariest is Eli in Let the Right One In, cheesiest is late-era Lestat, most underrated is David Bowie in The Hunger. Sexiest is definitely Drusilla, though if you ask a girl, she’ll probably say Damon Salvatore or Edward Cullen. But …” He shrugged. “You know girls.”
Julie’s and Beatriz’s eyes were wide. “I didn’t think you’d know so many!” Beatriz exclaimed. “Are they … are they your friends?”
“Oh, sure, Count Dracula and I are like this,” Simon said, crossing his fingers to demonstrate. “Also Count Chocula. Oh, and my BFF Count Blintzula. He’s a real charmer … .” He trailed off as he realized no one else was laughing. In fact, no one seemed to realize he was joking. “They’re from TV,” he prompted them. “Or, uh, cereal.”
—  The Lost Herondale