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Les Miserables - Four Tenors-Bring Him Home (por xFLODELISx)




Actors who have performed in Les Miserables before and returned to bare the number 24601 as Jean Valjean.

  1. Ramin Karimloo (Feuilly - Enjolras - Valjean)
  2. Peter Lockyer (Marius - Valjean)
  3. Geronimo Rauch (Marius - Enjolras - Valjean)
  4. Simon Bowman (Marius - Valjean)
  5. David Shannon (Pimp (u/s Marius) - Valjean)

Also: William Solo (Brujon - Valjean), Craig Schulman (Brujon - Valjean), J. Mark McVey (Brujon - Valjean), John Owen Jones (Sailor - Factory Foreman - Valjean), David Willets (Brujon - Valjean), Craig Pinder (Courfeyrac - Farm Worker - Bishop - Valjean), Mark McKerracher (Brujon - Valjean), Fredrick C. Inkley (Brujon - Valjean), Rob Evan (Prouvaire - Valjean), Ivan Rutherford (Courfeyrac - Valjean), J.C. Sheets (Brujon - Valjean), Mike Sterling (Feuilly - Valjean), Sean Kingsley (Brujon - Factory Forman - Valjean).

Sun and Moon
  • Sun and Moon
  • Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman
  • Miss Saigon [Original London Cast]

Sun and Moon
Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman
Miss Saigon [Original London Cast]

You are sunlight and I moon
Joined here, bright’ning the sky with
The flame of love

Lea Salonga always melts my heart whenever she hits the high Ds in “~ning" and "with” :))


Anniversary and celebration Phantoms in London:

1st anniversary: Michael Crawford (1987),  
5th anniversary: Dave Willetts (1991), 
10th anniversary: Simon Bowman (1996), 
15th anniversary: John Owen Jones (2001), 
20th anniversary: Earl Carpenter (2006), 
10,000 performance: Stephen John Davies (u/s) (2010), 
25th year at Her Majesty’s Theatre: John Owen Jones (2011), 
25th anniversary Royal Albert Hall: Ramin Karimloo (2011), 
26th anniversary: Marcus Lovett (2012)

I HOPE I’ve gotten the Phantoms right. Stephen John Davies is the only understudy I know was on for a special event, but I might have missed some. 


Les Misérables (March 2010)
The First Attack

David Thaxton as Enjolras
Alistair Brammer as Marius
Simon Bowman as Valjean
Jeff Nicholson as Javert (u/s)