Okay, but people concentrate so much on how bad Alec treats Clary, contrasting so much with the way Izzy and Jace do, but I think you miss the big picture, which is clear when you add Simon into the game.

You miss the fact that all of them are treating Simon as an inferior because of their Shadowhunter superiority complex. 

You miss the fact that Jace and Izzy accept and see Clary as an equal, unlike with Simon, by discovering she has Shadowhunter blood (they eventually like her personality too, but that’s the reason they gave her the chance to begin with).

You miss the fact that only considering Clary to be a Shadowhunter, for Alec, it doesn’t mean all’s fine and well and also it doesn’t mean that being a Shadowhunter equals you’re undoubtedly a good trustworthy person.

What I’m saying is, let’s not cover up the fact that Alec is sort of a Shadowhunter asshole, too, even though he has reasons not to trust Clary.

But let’s not forget Izzy and Jace aren’t the better sort for solely accepting Clary, either.

You know that I just thought of… There’s so many posts asking for everyone to watch the show and get the ratings up and I feel like some of the people who haven’t read the books might think like oh they must be asking for views bc they know the show isn’t that good… I just wanted to assure you that that is soooooo not the case!!! (If you’re thinking this😉) If we are saying to watch to get the views up it’s because we know what the future seasons will hold and we are extremely excited to see the relationships grow, certain secrets told, and the awesome and crazy characters that will eventually show up like Maia, Sebastion (😲😲), and Tessa & Jem!!!! And ik that if you are intrigued with the story right now that you will be IN LOVE when the story continues to unfold! I’m actually most excited to see the reaction of the non-readers the most bc it’s all new to them! So stay tuned y'all!! It gets a million and one times better than it already is!!😃

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Why don’t the haters try to watch Shadowhunters and not compare it to the books. Because you’ll notice that they have kept the basic elements and added some new twist that will give us new things to expect. I’m so annoyed with people saying they hate the show and that it ruined the books. Like how did it ruin the books? All the books are out. We all love the books. The only thing that’s going to get ruined is the show because of the haters. You want it to get better? Get it to season 2 so they can have room to improve.

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