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Preference #5: Age/Height Difference

Jace: He was three years older, and taller than you, at least two to three inches.

Alec: God dang he’s a skyscraper compared to your petite frame! but you two are the same age.

Simon: While he was two years younger, you were taller by an inch.

Clary: You two are also the same age, but she’s slightly taller than you.

Isabelle:She’s older by a year, but shorter than you.

Magnus: Okay, not going there…but he’s way taller than you are.

Raphael: Again, not going there, and he’s just slightly shorter than you are

A Saphael fanfic

Simon and Raphael came out of the room where the hotel had allowed their school’s populace to enjoy the prom, Simon leading Raphael by the hand. But to Raphael’s surprise, rather than head towards the doors, Simon turn and leads them to the elevator after retrieving a room key from a receptionist.

         “Simon, where are we going?” Raphael asks after they enter the elevator, slightly nervous as his hands begin to tremble.

         “You’ll see.”

         With a ding, the elevator doors open and Simon practically drags Raphael down the hallway to a door. Pressing a chaste kiss to the other boy’s lips as they briefly pause to slide in the key, opening the door.

         They separate briefly. “Simon, I-,” but before he can finish the door opens and he almost falls. Simon manages to catch him though, slipping his arm under Raphael’s knees and carrying him to the bed where he sets him down before slowly crawling over him.

         Raphael tries to speak, he wants to tell him, but suddenly his heart isn’t in his chest. It’s in his throat, stopping the words from coming out as Simon presses light kisses to his neck while unbuttoning his shirt. Both their jackets had been lost somewhere between the door and the bed, Simon’s shirt was already off and Raphael’s was hastily being pushed down his shoulders.

         “Simon,” he manages. But Simon takes it as encouragement, continuing to kiss down Raphael’s chest, all the way to his nipple. And when he bites down on it, rolling the hardened nub between his teeth, Raphael lets out a sharp cry, tangling his hands in Simon’s hair.

         Simon releases it, but only to show pleasure to the next nipple as he ruts their hips together and Raphael continues to moan and pull at his hair. When he’s done, Simon kisses down the centre of Raphael’s stomach until he comes to the other boy’s belt buckle. He raises his head, moving back over Raphael to press their foreheads together while resting his hand atop the belt.

         “I love you,” Simon says, pressing his chapped lips against Raphael’s smooth ones.

         Slowly, he begins to undo the buckle, until Raphael’s hand wraps around his wrist.

         “Stop,” he says weakly.

         “What?” Simon’s eyes meet Raphael’s, trying to read his expression. “Did I do something wrong? Did I mess up?”

         Gathering himself, Raphael takes a breath. “I don’t want this.”

         “I…” Simon begins, but he can’t possibly finish. He doesn’t know what to say. He loves Raphael, and he thought Raphael loved him.

         “Not like that,” Raphael immediately says, almost too late. I love you. I just don’t want…”

         “You don’t want to have sex with me,” Simon says, hurt but relieved. He sits back from over the other boy, almost falling off the bed but playing it off by falling to the side. He buries his face in his hands mumbling softly, “God, I’m so stupid.”

         They fall into a silence, until Raphael moves Simon’s hands away from his face, staring into his eyes which have lost the look of lust they once had. “While I admit that you are stupid, incredibly so might I add.” Simon glares at him. “It’s not that I don’t want to have sex with you. It’s that I don’t want to have sex at all.”

         Once again they lapse into silence, Raphael staring at Simon, and Simon staring back at him. And for a moment, Raphael thinks he said the wrong thing, thinks it might have been too soon to tell Simon and obviously too soon for Simon to cope.

         But then Simon says, “So you’re asexual.”

         A deep sigh escapes him as Raphael speaks. “Dios, Simon. You had me so worried.”


         “Not everyone is okay with being with someone they can never have sex with. I… I thought you were going to…”

         “I’m pan.”

         Raphael’s eyes widen, staring into Simon’s eyes, past the hair which had fallen into the other boy’s eyes during their earlier activities. “Oh,” is all he manages to say.

         Suddenly, Simon’s hands grip the sides of his face, cupping his cheeks as his fingers tangle in Raphael’s hair. He brings their faces closer, until they’re almost kissing. “And as a pansexual, it’s my job to love everyone.” Simon smiles, licking his lips. A gesture which doesn’t go unnoticed by Raphael. “But as Simon Lewis, it’s my job to love you, Rapha.”

         And only then does Raphael smile, pressing their lips together and putting his hand on the back of Simon’s neck to keep him there. He groans when they have to pull away, gasping for breath. Simon gets up, undoing his own belt and buttons.

         “What are you doing?” Raphael asks as Simon pulls down his pants, standing in the middle of the room in black boxers. He motions for Raphael to do the same.

         Briefly, Raphael thins against it but he trusts Simon. So slowly, he stands and removes his pants, staring down a half-naked Simon in just his gray boxers. “Well?” he says.

         Simon slams his lips against Raphael’s, kissing him hard and fast, wrapping his arms around him before throwing them both on the bed.

         “Idiota!” Raphael shouts, shoving his arms against Simon, who presses kisses across his cheek and along his jaw. “What are you–,”

         “I love you.”

         Raphael stops, heaving a sigh before resting his head against Simon’s chest. “Te amo, idiota.”

         And that’s how they spend the rest of the night, wrapped up in blankets, ordering room service and watching movies on the hotel tv, taking turns whispering, “I love you”.

The Alternate Universe AU

read it on the AO3 at

by tmmzxx

Simon is transported to another universe by Magnus to help realise his feeling for Raphael. He is then transported back to fix things with Raphael and the clan.

Words: 2577, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
The Alternate Universe AU

read it on the AO3 at

by tmmzxx

Simon is transported to another universe by Magnus to help realise his feeling for Raphael. He is then transported back to fix things with Raphael and the clan.

Words: 2577, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at