i went to a q&a for becky albertalli (author of simon vs) today and she said she was writing leah on the offbeat at the same time love simon was being filmed, and that she spoke with katherine langford and alexandra shipp about leah and abbys future romance and they applied it to their acting choices. so basically everytime we saw a moment that looked gay between leah and abby it wasn’t in our heads it was intentional happy 20gayteen folks

“He pauses for a moment, and my eyes flutter open, and he smiles, so I smile back.

And then he leans in to kiss me again, sweet and feather-soft.

And it’s almost too perfect.

Almost too Disney.

This can’t actually be me.”

-Simon Spier (Describing the feeling of finally kissing his boyfriend, Bram Greenfeld)

Simon “I like your boots” Spier and Bram “I-sat-on-the-same-lunch-table-as-my-crush-every-day-for-two-years-and-managed-to-say-a-grand-total-of-three-words-to-him-in-person” Greenfeld are so lucky they found each other and don’t have to subject anyone else to their terrible flirting techniques