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@ Louis Tomlinson’s Team, since there seems to be a second single in the works, how about you do the following things too:

1. Fix that website. No one has even received a confirmation that they’ve signed up for the newsletter.

2. Use his full name for his Instagram account.

3. Actually do advanced promo for Louis the artist. Highlight his skills as a singer-songwriter. Talk about all the great things about Louis - that things that make him unique, likeable and relatable.

4. A photoshoot for Solo Louis, one that will produce photos that be used for a cohesive online and press aesthetic. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE UPDATED. p.s. Plenty of beauty shots of Louis in gorgeous clothes won’t hurt, I promise you. 

5. Line up those full-length interviews and features for Louis. We want to see him profiled in the best publications.

6. Create promotional opportunities for him that go beyond radio and press interviews, and tv/radio performances. The man can act and host - give him those platforms too. SHOW HIM OFF. 

7. Give him the rebrand he so deserves, and the PR he needs. Create a wave of media and industry support for him - be vocal and be public about it! 

8. Be the best, most cohesive, creative. supportive and highly professional team you can be for him.

9. END IT. END IT. END IT. Set him free from the stunts that do nothing for him - every single one of them. 

I wonder when Louis is finally going to get his re-brand and full launch as a solo artist.

And I say this because Niall and Liam had all their social media accounts updated, got a professional photo shoot done, and their labels and management have been using those for their profile. They have been essentially given a re-launch as solo artists.

With Harry’s advert dropping yesterday and his Instagram and Facebook getting a white out, I am fully expecting we’ll get the same.

Meanwhile, Louis has had a solo single out since December and his social media accounts, management and PR profiles, and even Spotify, use pictures from the FOUR and MITAM era. He only changed his twitter AVI today with that photo from Ultra. (Thank God.)

It’s really just apparent that no one has cultivated a solo campaign for Louis despite having a product out, and worse, despite have that product actually do well. It’s been absolutely the same bullshit (and worse) around Louis and his press, doing his image and his brand no favours whatsoever!

Again, I ask - what has his team been doing this whole time? It’s become painfully obvious that they have NOT really put a lot of thought into how to promote Louis and his brand? He’s been with JGG for 9 months now!

Ain’t no party like an AOMG party - Playlist
  • Jay Park & Ugly Duck - Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party' 
  • Jay Park & Ugly Duck ‘ㅎㄷㄷ Put ‘Em Up' 
  • Jay Park 'BO$$ (Feat Yultron, Loco & Ugly Duck)’
  • Jay Park 'WORLDWIDE X 원해 (WANT IT)’
  • Jay Park 'In This B*tch X MY’
  • Loco - Thinking about you (feat. JAY PARK)
  • Loco - RESPECT (Feat. GRAY & DJ Pumkin)
  • Simon Dominic - Simon Dominic 
  • Jay Park - All I Wanna Do 
  • Loco - MOVIE SHOOT (Feat. DPR LIVE)
  • Loco - High (Feat.Konsoul)
  • Jay Park - Solo (Feat. Hoody)
  • Ugly Duck - ASIA (Feat. Reddy, JJJ & DJ Scratch Nice)
  • Jay Park - Mommae (Feat.Ugly Duck)
  • Jay Park - Hulk Hogan
  • Jay Park - 'Raw Sh!t (Prod. by DJ Wegun)' 
  • Jay Park 'Level 1000 (feat. Dok2)
  • Jay Park (feat. Dok2) '1HUNNIT’
  • Jay Park (feat. Dok2) 'Trill’
  • Jay Parkz Ugly Duck - PLP (feat Far East Movement)
  • Jay Park & Ugly Duck - Who You (Remix) (feat. Loco, DayDay, Simon Dominic)
  • Jay Park - Fuckboy (feat. Sik-K, Ugly Duck, BewhY)
  • Jay Park - Appetizer
  • Jay Park - New Breed
  • Jay Park - My Last (Feat. Loco & GRAY)
  • Jay Park - 'Me Like Yuh’
  • Loco, Gray - Good (Feat. ELO) 
  • Jay Park - 'Aquaman' 

Link to the playlist 

Enjoy :)

There’s not much I need from a Batgirl movie

Just that Barbara is played by Lindsey Morgan, they use Cameron and Babs’s design for the outfit, Gail Simone is involved and it leads to an eventual Oracle sequel.

Not much at all, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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group chat
  • Izzy: simon, i finally changed your name in my phone to Lord Montgomery
  • Clary: iz, did you mean to send this to the group?
  • Izzy: yeah, why?
  • Alec: by the angel
  • Jace: i really don't need to see this
  • Jace: i don't like the thought of simon with our sister any more than you do, alec
  • Clary: i'm just going to point out that i don't want to hear about it either. as much as i love you, iz (which is a lottt 💕)
  • Alec: *in
  • Alec: even autocorrect is too upset
  • Magnus: Accidentally walking in on friends? Welcome to my world, Alexander.
  • Jace: to be fair, clary & i were only kissing
  • Clary: 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Izzy: you guys had sex in hell, you don't get to say anything

I am absolutely struck by the recognition and acknowledgement Steve has given Louis for their first Platinum award for “Just Hold On.”

It is striking in the absence of any congratulatory messages from Louis’ own management team, PR team or the label this was done under (SYCO.) It’s so deeply disappointing that his own team cannot celebrate his achievements and first triumphs as a solo artist.

Louis’ team had SO MUCH to work with from Ultra – social media posts and press releases on Louis’ first major solo performance to an EDM crowd of 100K, a true cross-over moment performing his hit song, or indeed, celebrating his first platinum achievement as a solo artist.

But as usual, they neglect to do anything that is in Louis’ best interests, and certainly anything that will give good press on his music and solo career. It is heartbreaking to see.

So as always, Steve is making up for the failings of Louis’ own team, and giving Louis the recognition he VERY MUCH deserves! (And blasting it all over social media.)

Thank you, Steve!

And it is complete: Harry, Niall and Liam have all been effectively launched as solo artists with their social media profiles and online presence displaying new  images and branding.

As I was asking the other day - when will Louis be given this as well? He’s had a solo single out for nearly 4 months now. Apart from his sordid press and stunts, the public have no real idea who Louis Tomlinson even is - thanks (or no thanks) to his team!