nunodesalles76@albertorosendeexecuting a perfect #pushup !! Look at that#back !!

I am 100% convinced that Simon would call Baz, Bat Boy™ just because he can and because he knows that Baz will play mad at him. And Simon low key loves that because then he has an excuse to cuddle up Baz with kisses and to pat his head. ((Not like he doesn't do that anyways))

: Stunt training w/@albertorosende for @shadowhunterstvseason 2
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This was so perfect
  • Kirk:Space. The final frontier.
  • Spock:These are the voyages of the starship...
  • Scotty:... Enterprise. Its continuing mission...
  • Bones:... to explore strange new worlds...
  • Sulu:... to seek out new life...
  • Chekov:... and new civilizations.
  • Uhura:To boldly go where NO ONE has gone before.

some stills from the behind the scenes of Beyond. a little tribute to anton who is dearly missed by all. i’m missing this angel so much. i captured these two shots because him, chris and simon are all smiling and unaware in the first and in the second is like a representation of his friendship with john (chulu feels) and how far the shows have come. three reboot movies. i’m so proud.