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What are your favorite quotes from figure skating commentators?

Here are mine.

Lots of good B.Esp (especially Simon Reed) quotes:

Yuna Kim 2007 Worlds SP: “Mind boggling! I have rarely ever seen a single skater skate to the music as well as that.”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2013 Worlds SP: “It is such a responsibility to have talent like he has. For me, I still say it…I think he has the potential to be the finest figure skater in history.”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2015 NHK Trophy FS: “There’s no 10s there but it’s mighty, mighty close….Unbelievable, well done to the judges…I bet within the judges’ marks there are some 10s in there…and I’d shake their hands if I knew who it was, but they’re all in random order so I’d never know who it is…but brilliant!”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2016 NHK Trophy FS: “And it’s not just the Japanese who adore him. And yes, he did have a mistake…or two…but he is so adorable, I think people by now have forgotten that he made the mistakes and just concentrated on the magnificent skating.”

And Kurt Browning (CBC) is always a pleasure:

Yuna Kim 2014 Olympics SP (at her score): “I’m surprised…I thought it would be higher.”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2015 Worlds SP: “He claims moments out of nowhere, he’s in the spin and just by clenching his fists on the note, there’s so much ownership from this fellow, like a ballet dancer….It’s like he commands us. Show-off.”

Johnny Weir (NBC) is sassy:

Yuzuru Hanyu 2015 GPF FS (on his quad): “It’s like water. Suspended in soup.”


Good times, Ollie, eh?

See Sam in the front row of the gallery laughing (retrospectively) with offscreen Malcolm at Ollie.  Because she knows that making fun of Ollie is ALWAYS the right thing to do. 

But really, Brutus Mr Weir, what I think you fail to grasp here is the essential truth of the Malcolm and Ollie dynamic.  Ollie likes it when Malcolm insults him and pushes him aroundHe wants the verbal towel flicking.  For him, It’s not threatening.  It’s foreplay