simon warmer

okay so while i love (love!!!!!!!!) all the pain and QUIET SUFFERING of jimon i think i’ve emotionally drained myself thinking about it lol so here are some cute things to look forward to after they realize their love is mutual and they finally get their acts together:

  • jace going to dinner to meet simon’s mom and sister and they love him! he’s polite and charming (how can he not be) and clearly a little nervous because he keeps doing things like pulling out their chairs and taking simon’s jacket which makes them think he’s the SWEETEST BOY and simon cannot find anything to refute that conclusion
  • simon kissing jace’s runes 
  • simon always climbing up to the roof to watch the sunrise and jace usually managing to drag himself out of bed to join him, being grumpy the whole time and falling asleep on simon’s shoulder before the main event even starts and having him there makes simon warmer than the light of the sun
  • a parallel to that scene with magnus and jace on the balcony: alec flatly telling simon that he literally never gave a single shit about him but if he hurts jace he will start to because alec cares about destroying people who hurt his family. softer, he’ll tell simon that he can feel it - the quiet happiness in jace, that peace in his heart as it beats alongside alec’s and whatever it is that simon’s doing: thank you, and please don’t ever stop
  • jace literally shutting simon up with kisses and winning 100% of their arguments all the time
  • the two of them stuck in a closet while they’re undercover or something and they have to be quiet and it’s distracting enough that they’re pressed up against each other and simon can feel every line of jace’s body but the bastard keeps whispering the worst things into simon’s ears and biting his neck and simon loses it and fucks him right there with his hand pressed against jace’s mouth so he doesn’t make a sound
  • jace getting annoyed because simon is a total slob and jace can put up with a lot of bullshit (that’s a lie, he totally can’t) but he draws the line at finding week-old socks under the sofa
  • simon having no hesitation in showing his affection both verbally and physically and jace literally not knowing how to react except to take simon’s hand and squeeze it tight. anyone else’s fingers may have been crushed, but simon’s the strongest person jace knows and if he can take everything else that comes with loving jace wayland, then this is nothing for him
  • (despite all of this, it still takes jace an awful long time to realize that loving him is the easiest thing that simon has ever committed to)

Woke up to a surprise in the latest Hannah’s Advent!  Now, I didn’t knit the cup warmer Simon is wearing, but very pleased how well received everything was.  There’s actually a second Black Widow wristband and YouTubeKnits of course needs a shout-out for the Ravsioli pattern … she may have a truce with Ravs, but I’m another party.

Sadly absent from the already opened gift was the Trottimus hat and a crap ton of knitted mustaches in all colors and sizes.  I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for those elsewhere maybe.

P.S. Thank goodness for that Scottish ducky for reminding Hannah!