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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 11

Alec & Jace training/ Sebastian showing up to “help” Izzy/ Maia & Simon/ Jace finally telling Clary he’s not her brother

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Clary & Simon/ Alec & Magnus/ Luke & Maia/ Sebastian cooking Izzy food (I don’t trust him for reasons but it was cute)/ Alec & Jace hug

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Imogene Herondale/ Mortal Mirror drop 

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Molly taking a pick of Maia when she and Luke were talking/ a blonde boy in a pentagram (was that who I think it was)/ Demon killing everyone in a bar

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Izzy going through with-drawled/ Luke’s pack breaking apart/ Alec Magnus & Raphael/ Izzy’s Necklace broke/ Valentine Clary & Jace/ Izzy & Sebastian/ Simon learns the term Daylighter/ The Trade with the demon   

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Izzy looking for a fix/ The demon taking Izzy’s necklace 

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Jace’s gold eyes

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