simon strikes back

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Simon is such a nerd that i could see him sharing a bed with Nahyuta only to say "long live the king" and shove Nayuta out of the bed.

dfsfhds ANON OMG

(Can I just say that I love that Simon is this huge 6′2″ scary-looking dude and we as a fandom have been like “what a cinnamon roll nerd.” <3 ) 

Simon rolls over one night while Nahyuta is just calmly reading and starts giving him bedroom eyes and touching him gently in order to get his attention.  Nahyuta shuts his book and turns to Simon, more than pleased to start reciprocating.  After all, how can he resist when this super-hot samurai-type starts clamoring for his touch?  

They start kissing and Simon seems especially eager, and eventually Nahyuta is on top of him.  Simon’s hands ghost over Nahyuta’s hips, gently holding him there.  He waits until they break apart in order to catch their breath, and suddenly grabs onto Nahyuta’s shoulders.  With a very serious expression, one that makes Nahyuta blush furiously - as he is thinking Simon is about to say something substantial - Simon says it, in the same exact tone as it is said in the movie: 

Long live the king.”

And before Nahyuta can even react, Simon pushes him off him and off the bed (not hard enough to hurt him, of course).  Nahyuta’s hair falls in his face and when he’s able to move it out of his eyes again all he sees and hears is Simon laughing so hard that he is slapping the pillows like he slaps the desk whenever he laughs in court.  Tears are in his eyes because it was just that funny to him, and Nahyuta pouts and gives a most disapproving look at his boyfriend. 

All while plotting his revenge. 

(Alternative: Nahyuta is just SUPER CONFUSED because he has never seen The Lion King and so doesn’t get the reference and Simon is like “well I know what we’re doing RIGHT NOW” and immediately gets on a laptop to get the movie and show it to Nahyuta.) 

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okay no more jimon after this!!! lol jimon + 9. “you’re in love with her”

man jimon are my second faves i love them

9. “You’re in love with her.”

Simon is dozing on the couch, head pillowed in Jace’s lap, the TV playing The Empire Strikes Back. Simon has seen it so much he could reenact it as a one man show, but this is Jace’s first time watching. Simon is vaguely aware of Jace sitting up as the tension between Han and Leia mounts, but he’s more worried about the nap he could be taking. 

He’s a Daylighter, but he still likes his sleep during the day. 

“You’re in love with her!” Jace shouts at the TV, jumping up and aiming an accusing finger at Han Solo as he storms off away from Leia, who looks equal parts angry and hurt. 

Simon flinches, reaching a hand out to catch himself so he doesn’t tumble off of the couch, and glares up at Jace. 

“He is. They’re in love,” Jace insists, leaning down to help Simon up. 

“Yeah, I’ve seen it before,” Simon reminds him, settling back down into Jace’s lap. 

“So they do get together,” Jace leans back, satisfied, attention back on the screen. 

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