simon sparrow

Pet~ Simon Gotch Imagine

Smut Ahead 

Note : I couldn’t find a better gif of him. I’m sorry

Laying your head on your boyfriend’s chest as he flipped through the channels.Simon and you haven’t had much time alone,due to your busy schedule being the Smackdown Women’s Champion. Snuggling up together in bed, his arm wrapped around you with your head on his chest. His hand began to travel from your arm down to your ass,gripping it. You turn to look at Simon, who had a smirk on his face. You knew what he was up to. Before you knew it, he threw the remote aside pinning you down putting your arms above your head. 

He let you go watching if you would disobey him by moving. You stayed still, arms above your head.

“ Good girl”  He sat besides you on the bed. “ Strip” he demanded. You obeyed him, shredding your clothes sitting on the bed, watching him. He took you in, taking a deep breath. Simon grabbed onto your wrist bringing you closer to him. 

He kissed you, his mustache brushing against your upper lip. He tugged your bottom lip with his teeth, making you gasp. You reached out to touch his chest but he pulled back,having a disapproving look on his face. 

“ Did I say you can touch me?” He ask, his brown eyes becoming darker than they usual are. 

“ No” you shook your head side to side.

“ I didn’t. I tell you what to do and you obey me like a good girl you are. No touching me unless I allow you pet” Simon says.

You nod your head, Simon leans in kissing you once more, his tongue slipping into your mouth. Your hands were by your side. It was really hard not being able to touch him. Simon leaned into you bringing you down onto the bed. He pulled away for a moment to slide off his shirt. A growling noise came from the back of your throat at the sight of his chest, he chuckled. The rest of his clothes were off as well.

Simon crawled on top of you, you slipped your hands behind his back touching his smooth skin when he took your hands, roughly pinning them above you staring disapprovingly down at you. 

He wasn’t about to let this go. 

“ I pet” He says. 

You pouted under him. He was much stronger than you were so there was no way from slipping from his grip. The look in his eye got darker as he chuckled. He suddenly let go of you, “ Stay.” 

He got off the bed walking over his suitcase getting out one of his ties. He looked back at you then at the tie.

“ No blindfolds.. I like seeing you instead of darkness” you say. 

“ You disobeyed me pet. You think I’m just letting you slide? You thought wrong my pet” .

“ Simon!” 

“ Tsk, Tsk, be quiet or I’ll gag you. You’re a naughty pet tonight..” Simons says, climbing on top of you.

He gave you a peck on the lips before tying his tie over your eyes. Simon’s fingers brushed against your cheeks, gripping your chin. 

“ Be good..” his fingertips began to brush down your body sending shivers down your spine. 

Simon’s lips and mustache brushed against your legs, opening them as they brushed down to your inner thighs, slowly moving closer to your core. The placed you wanted his mouth at.  He blew on your slit, making you arch your back moaning softly. His tongue suddenly slipped into you, making you gasp his name.

His mouth was working wonders,tracing shapes around, flicking his tongue, sucking. You bite down your bottom lip, holding in the moans. Clenching your hands into fist, it was so hard not to squirm under him. Your stomach began to have knots, pleasure growing. 

You could hear the sound that Simon was making from the way he was eating you out. 

“ Simon” you gasped out. Simon’s eyes flashed to you, he stopped what he was doing making you whine. Things were quite. He went back to eating you out.

You could feel yourself cumming. Squirming, you gaps as you came. Simon licked you clean, loving how you taste. Your breathing was heavy and your body shook.

His lips brushed against yours, “ You’re so sexy pet. I’m all yours. Touch me, do whatever you want with me pet.”

Pecking his lips, smiling against them. He kissed down to your neck, his tongue flicking against your soft skin and sucking on your neck.  He surprised you by thrusting into you, your hands came to his back digging your nails.

“ Simon” you moaned. 

Simon kissed his way down to your chest, as he continue to thrust into you. He was going to slow, taking his time with you. You wanted him to go faster, but he knew how to make you squirm and whimper for him. 

He took of the tie from your eyes. He was leaning over you, a smirk on his face. That smirk widen at your next words, “ Fuck me hard, fuck me so I won’t be able to walk all week.” 

“ My pleasure pet” He needs you as much as you need him. Simon picked up his pace, pleasure growing once more. 

“ Simon!” you screamed.

Simon continue to thrust, watching you, smiling hearing you moan. You leaned up kissing him roughly, one hand digging your nails into his shoulder. While the other gripping the side of his jaw.

The two of you moaned into each other mouths, his moans turned you on. You could feel yourself coming to your second orgasms. 

“ Fuck!” He yelled “ Simon!” you screamed as you both came. He collapsed right next to you. Both your bodies were beaded with sweats, he was panting besides you catching his breath as you were doing the same. 

He turns to face you, watching your chest rise up and down. His gaze turned you, watching as your eyes were closed and a huge smile on your face. You opened your eyes,turning to him. 

Simon took your hand in his, kissing your knuckles before lacing his hands with yours turning to the side, wrapping an arm around you and nuzzling his face into your neck.