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“WE MATCH.” // a playlist inspired by simon and baz

(Sorry for the haphazard aestheticism–it’s late. But I needed to assert myself as Snowbaz-loving trash before I went to bed.)

WE MATCH: listen on YouTube

  1. “WILD” = Troye Sivan
  2. “Magic” = Mystery Skulls
  3. “Night Sky” = CHVRCHES
  4. “Strange Attractor” = Animal Kingdom
  5. “Mess is Mine” = Vance Joy
  6. “From Eden” = Hozier
  8. “Luna” = Bombay Bicycle Club
  9. “Anna Sun” = WALK THE MOON
  10. “Work Song” = Hozier
  11. “Fineshrine” = Purity Ring
  12. “Cosmic Love” = Florence + the Machine

Backpack Murders
Ivan Milat

In the early 90′s in Australia, a string of horrific murders took place. Seven people were killed, 5 of those were backpackers (3 German and 2 English). The bodies were buried in Belango State Forrest.

In September 1992, joggers found a body and immediately after police started to investigate they found another. The bodies were that of British backpackers Caroline Clarke and Joanna Walters. Clarke was shot 10 times whilst Walters was stabbed 32 times. Jump to October 1993, a local man found the bodies of Deborah Everist and James Gibson. In 1993, the skull of Simone Schmidle was found, she has been missing since 1991, but she was found with clothing of another missing backpacker. Those clothes belonged to Anja Habschied, her and her boyfriend Gabor Neugebauer’s bodies were found days later.

Ivan Milat was the murderer, in 1994 he was arrested and charged with the murders. Previously he was charged with raping two women, but it was because of failing at kidnapping another tourist he was picked out in a line out.

In 1996, he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

In popular culture, Wolf Creek was loosely based on these murders as well as the disappearance of Peter Falconio

“Shut up or I’ll put a bullet in your skull.”

Simon stroked his mustache, a frustrated sigh leaving his lips. It wasn’t like him to use a threatening tone with women. But after the long day he had been having, he was reaching the point where he simply didn’t care anymore. “Do yourself a favor and get to work sweetheart.” His tone was unfaltering, but he watched his choice of words more closely. 


Captain America Collectors’ Preview #1 cover by John Byrne & Jerry Ordway & Joe Simon. 1995. 

The top image is from Jim Warden’s art collection. He had this to say about it. 

John Byrne pencilled this piece for a wrap-around cover to a Captain America #1 reprint in the 1990’s. Joe Simon inked the published version on overlay, so I obtained the pencils from John and commissioned Jerry Ordway to ink them.