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things about Silent Simon


  • He’s very flamboyant. Loves to be center of attention when he wants it. Sassy boy. You’ll know it when he does all the sassy poses with his body and facial expressions. Over confident, which gets him in trouble sometimes.
  • Can play the piano and accordion. 
  • Smokes, but not often. He usually does it when he’s stressed or after he’s done something stressful to help wind him down.
  • A big trickster. No pranks, just straight up tricks. They’re not harmful, just makes you go into a small panic. If he doesn’t like someone, he’ll probably step over the line of safety.
  • Loves sweets. Good thing he isn’t human, since he would’ve likely died from over eating sugary things. Actually banned from the candy castle since he tried eating Baroness’ jelly bean guards. And maybe ate some of the foundation to her kingdom. 
  • Very fluid. Like this boy can escape almost any situation with his contortionism. And if all fails, he simply snaps his finger and a black hole forms under him and poof! He’s gone! 
  • New Yorker accent. Pretends he’s french because it’s super funny to him.
  • LOVES to dance. Swing dancing comes naturally to him.
    Die hard fan for swing music.
  • Before the music in his soul was taken from him by the Devil, this boy HAS a voice. He could sing to save his life without effort.
    Here are some close examples to how I imagine he would sound like:
    “Love Gun” - Tape Five
    “Save my Soul” - Big Bad voodoo Daddy
    “Bunga Book” - Tape Five
  • What’s funny about the song Bunga Book, is that he actually sung this in the Devil’s casino once. It was a way of mocking King Dice and Ole’ Scratch. Because he was promised a small fortune to perform, but only received less than half of what he was told. So he got back at them with this performance and woowee… Dice and Devil were not happy… Devil removed the music in his soul.. 
  • Was actually called “Swing-time Simon” before losing his voice. 

Now we needed a villain for inside the comic, too. … Even sitting at lunch, I was always thinking about heroes and villains, with all sorts of ideas swimming around in my head. Next thing I know, I had a hot fudge sundae sitting in front of me, with the vanilla ice cream, and the hot fudge is running down the side. It was intriguing.

The hot fudge looked like limbs—legs, feet, and hands—and I’m thinking to myself.

Gee, this’d make an interesting villain, I mused. We’ll call him Hot Fudge … Just put a face on him, and have him ooze all over the place.

You have to be stupid to be in this business. Nevertheless, I did some sketches, right then and there. And I Iooked at them.

Nah, I thought. Who would believe anything like that?

But I looked again at the sundae, and I saw the big cherry on top. The cherry looked like a skull.

“Wow,” I said to myself. “Red Skull … that sounds good.” And it made a lot more sense.

—  Friendly reminder that Joe Simon, one of the greatest comic book writers ever, almost named the most evil Marvel villain “Hot Fudge”

“WE MATCH.” // a playlist inspired by simon and baz

(Sorry for the haphazard aestheticism–it’s late. But I needed to assert myself as Snowbaz-loving trash before I went to bed.)

WE MATCH: listen on YouTube

  1. “WILD” = Troye Sivan
  2. “Magic” = Mystery Skulls
  3. “Night Sky” = CHVRCHES
  4. “Strange Attractor” = Animal Kingdom
  5. “Mess is Mine” = Vance Joy
  6. “From Eden” = Hozier
  8. “Luna” = Bombay Bicycle Club
  9. “Anna Sun” = WALK THE MOON
  10. “Work Song” = Hozier
  11. “Fineshrine” = Purity Ring
  12. “Cosmic Love” = Florence + the Machine
Canon is a Lie AU (a.k.a. What the Hell is Going On AU)

Technically, this is a role swap AU but then again…

(Anyways, we’ve always had Tsuna-Reborn role swap, we had 1st gen-10th gen role swap, Arcobaleno role swap, even the Varia and the Millefiore! Why not put a spin to the usual role swap AU?)

Tsuna breaks the Arcobaleno curse and everything is alright in the world. After the long and tiresome battle with the Vindice and the face-off with Checkerface, he was looking forward to a brand-new, crisis-free day. He fell asleep, totally exhausted.

He wakes up and notices something odd. The house was eerily quiet— no laughter from the kids, no screams of panic from Bianchi, and most of all, no wake-up calls from Reborn. In fact, the one who woke him up was his mother, telling him about his failing grade on a Math test.

He gets up from his bed, leaves his room, and follows his mom downstairs. No one was around but the two of them.

His mom cheerily tells him, “Tsu-kun, I’ve hired you a home tutor!”

Her words made him freeze in his steps.

This was… the first day he met Reborn? Why was he back here again? Did he travel back in time? Those thoughts plagued his mind.

The doorbell rings and his mom comes to greet whoever it is on the other side. He tags along. Tsuna braces himself, waiting for Reborn’s appearance and cheerful “Ciaossu!”.

That was not the sight that greeted him at the door.

“You must be Sawada Nana and Sawada Tsunayoshi,” The baby bows respectfully. “Ni hao, I am Fon, the home tutor.”

What the hell is going on?

The rest of the adventures simply boil down to…

  • Daily Arc: What the hell is going on I thought this was time travel where is Reborn what do you mean I have different Guardians umm… since when were you my Rain Guardian Gokudera-kun and why are you my Sun Guardian Mukuro where is onii-san Yamamoto’s missing too Lambo is a prefect and Shoichi is Fon’s disciple and has Storm flames? Lancia is a chibi and from the Bovino? WHat.

  • Kokuyo Arc: hOLY Yamamoto is evil and possesses people he even has Mukuro’s creepy laugh I-pin and Fuuta are his minions?! Tsuyoshi-san is in Lancia’s place? Bianchi doesn’t believe in love and likes money? You guys beat up Lambo and kidnapped Ranking Hibari-san? You mean, Hibari-san is nice and defenseless?! I cannot. Just cannot.

  • Varia Arc: Wait what Yamamoto is possessing onii-san I don’t understand and and and Daemon was his dad?! OMGWTFBBQ Mom is the leader of CEDEF and since when was Dino the Ninth’s adopted son I thought that was Xanxus where is Xanxus and why is Dino not part of the Cavallone and why is he scowling so much— oh, so Byakuran is his new, big-brother figure now. Well.

  • Future Arc: MM scares me she has a centipede and what the fuck she has a corrupted pacifier wHY, WhY cruel worlD WHy and hellooo Reborn sHIT he’s a funeral wreath let’s get out of here WHAT DO YOU MEAN XANXUS IS THE SKY ARCOBALENO WHY IS HE SO NICE AND PURE IT’S GIVING ME HIVES and Squalo’s Gamma horry shit. WAIT YUNI’S EVIL?!

  • Simon/Shimon Arc: Skull what are you doing here you’re here for the Inheritance arc? You’re a mafia boss? Colonnello and Lal are your minions-slash-Guardians?! Dad what are you doin— oh wait you’re not my dad anymore you’re like the Ninth boss now wait a minute you’re still young and you got a kid of your own who are not dead why the hell am I being groomed as the next boss 

    …back up, back up. Haru is Daemon Spade?! She just possessed Yamamoto ohmygawd I can’t.

  • Curse of the Rainbow Arc: Okay so Fon’s the Sun Arcobaleno and Xanxus is the Sky so who the hell are the others— Elena is alive as the Storm?! Primo too?! Whut. Bermuda is a nice guy? Oh my portable calculator, Kyoko’s the founder of VIN fucking DICE?!!!! WHATTTTT I just asdfkjgllsdk— Oh, hey Kawahira. It’s nice to know that you didn’t get a role swap or a personality change.

Yeah. Decided to text spazz the whole thing.


Holy crap. This is the most beautiful piece of crack I’ve ever seen. Thank you. x’D