simon scribbles

Spell Practice (Carry On Countdown Nov 27)

This was a very challenging prompt. Definitely would’ve failed 8th year spell exams at Watford if I went there. Hope you enjoy! @carryon-countdown


Simon scribbled on his notebook uselessly. He was supposed to be working on his eighth-year spell but he couldn’t focus. All he could think about was Baz coming back to Watford.
“Earth to Simon?”
He looked up to find Penny glaring at him.
“What?” Simon murmured guiltily.
She tapped his doodled page.
“You’re supposed to be thinking of a spell. Not spacing out.”
He rolled his eyes. “Yeah I know Penny. I just…have a lot on my mind.”
“Like Baz?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
She shook her head. “Never mind, forget I brought him up.”
Simon sighed. “Well what’s yours?”
Cut to the chase.”
She said the words without using her ring.
“What does it do?”
She smirked. “It makes someone get to the point faster. I think it could be a subtle and extremely useful spell.”
Simon laughed. “Ugh. I only have Make a wish.”
She scrunched up her nose. “What is that supposed to do?”
He shrugged. “Dunno. But I know it’s powerful enough.”
She rubbed her chin thoughtfully.
“You need to test it out. Do it to me.”
Simon shook his head. “No way. I’m not testing my magic on someone I care about.”
She looked as if she were about to argue but then froze.
“That’s it! You could test it on Baz.”
“He’d kill me.”
She shrugged. “You don’t have much of a choice if you refuse to try it on someone you care about.”
Simon felt his stomach churn. Using it on Baz seemed like a good idea until he thought about how Baz might retaliate.
“Fine. I’m going to go find him.”
She clapped her hands excitedly. “You can do it! Just try not to go off.”
He glared at her. “Thanks for the advice.”
As he walked out of the dining hall he tried to think about what the spell might do. Taken literally it would most likely give someone what they wanted most. Since Simon and Baz were always bickering that probably meant Baz would get to kick his ass.
After several failed attempts he finally found him in the library. Baz was seated alone towards the back with a stack of books
He looked up and glared at Simon.
“Oh. Great.”
Simon frowned. “What?”
Baz snapped the book he was reading shut.
“Well I was just thinking to myself how peaceful it was in here and then you came.”
Simon felt less guilty about using Baz as a practice dummy.
“I need help on my eighth year spell.”
Baz raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”
Simon nodded and raised his wand.
Make a wish.”
The magic shot out unevenly from his wand, exploding out of him. Baz was thrown backwards from his chair. For a moment there was complete silence, then Baz was up on his feet and coming straight for Simon.


The prick had tested a spell on him. Baz felt the magic rush through his body like a torrent. He tried to block it but found it was impossible; Snow’s magic was just too strong.
He stood and panicked as his feet moved forward. Part of him felt an unstoppable desire to kiss Snow. The rational part of his brain realized how Snow’s spell worked. It made the affected do what they wanted most in the world. Snow may not have realized it, but it was the perfect spell to humiliate him with.
Without telling his hands to do so Baz threw Snow up onto the bookshelf. He realized if he didn’t do something he would end up kissing him. And then Snow would stab him, or go off, or simply break his heart. None of those options could be allowed to happen.
With effort he forced the words out. “Cat got your tongue?
The spell came out weak without his wand but it was enough to cause Snow to panic. He threw Baz off of him and backed himself into another corner.
“How do you feel? Is it working?” Snow asked breathlessly.
“You son of a bitch,” Baz spat out.
He was already on his feet trying to kiss Snow again. He hated himself in that moment for loving Snow so much. If he could just hate Snow this would be a brawl.
With more force than he usually allowed himself to use on Snow, Baz pushed him into a table. Baz had only one idea left and relied completely on his own eighth year spell working. He hadn’t tested it on anybody yet but it seemed his opportunity had come.
With effort he grabbed his wand. “Taste of your own medicine.
He felt as Snow’s spell rebounded from Baz back to Snow. They were both under the influence of Snow’s spell now, but Baz wasn’t sure what the result would be. He hoped Snow’s innermost desire was to knock him unconscious.
Snow froze for a moment allowing Baz to throw Snow up onto the table. When Snow didn’t start throwing punches Baz realized in terror that the spell hadn’t worked, that somehow Simon must have blocked it. He gripped Snow’s waist and glared at him.
“What have you done?” Snow whispered as he leaned forward.
Somehow they were kissing. Baz wasn’t even sure who had leaned in first, only that they were kissing and Snow wasn’t pulling back. In fact, Snow was pushing his hands under Baz’s shirt greedily, his fingers tracing the planes of Baz’s abdomen. Baz groaned lightly and pushed Snow down on the desk, crawling on top of him. He pulled away briefly to stare at him.
“You…wanted this?” He felt the spell pulling him back.
After a few minutes of kissing Snow ripped away.
“I…didn’t know…”
Snow opened the buttons on Baz’s shirt.
“I guess I wanted it but…”
Baz swallowed. “I’ve always known.”
Snow gritted his teeth. “This has to stop.”
Baz felt rejection sing through him.
Snow arched his back into him.
“Because we’re in a public school library.”
Baz had to admit he had a point.
“And I’m not ready to take this further.”
Baz nodded and tried to put as much focus as he could on getting away from Simon. He managed to get about a foot away with extreme effort. He pointed his wand shakily at Snow.
As you were!
When the spell hit Snow he straightened and pointed his own wand at Baz, repeating the spell Baz had used on him.
Baz felt as his body was released by the magic. He felt physically drained from the intensity of Snow’s spell and dropped to his knees. Snow walked over and offered a hand. Baz felt very shy all of a sudden, but took the hand anyways.
“Are you okay?”
Baz nodded. “More than great. Pretty confident my spell will pass.”
Snow stared at him for a moment before breaking into laughter.
“Yeah. I guess we’ll both pass.”
Baz looked down at their intertwined hands.
“We should uh…talk. Maybe in private.”
Snow’s cheeks reddened. “Yeah. I guess we should.”
They stared at one another. After a few moments Baz leaned in and pressed his lips gently against Snow’s. Snow sighed and kissed him back sweetly. Baz realized eighth year spell exams were more exciting than he had ever thought possible.