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Liverpool FC vs. Stoke City recapped

Mignolet did it on a dry, partly cloudy afternoon in Stoke

Gomez watched Glen Johnson the entire match out of fear of what never to become

Skrtel wasn’t vice captain

Lovren wasn’t a defender

Clyne was a midfielder

Lallana passed the ball which was cool

Henderson chased Milner

Milner chased Henderson

Ibe still has an elbow lodged in his face

Coutinho began the process of carrying a full group of grown men through an entire football season

Benteke added a lawn chair to his shopping list so he could comfortably watch every ball meant for him fly kilometers in the wrong direction

Can played in position, meanwhile, a unicorn flies over a blue moon

Firmino was there

And Rodgers showed great character


Liverpool FC → 2013/2014 [x]

“The people of Liverpool are fighters and I came here fighting from the beginning until the end … I may have left Liverpool but the city and the club will always be part of me.”


The Croods concept artwork, illustrated by Simon Rodgers (Part 1 of 5).

1-3) The light chase “I did many, many rough tonal images with compositional exploration, discussing possibilities for the vision that Eep would have of the creature moving ahead of her through the darkness.” ~ Simon Rodgers

4) “This was my first stab at the jungle madness that was the world of the Croods. It’s 4 or more years old at this point. I worked out a lot of compositions in sepia – for me it adds warmth. I bounced in and out of ways of coming up with comps as time went on. Zbrush was used in this one quite a bit and actually convinced me to use it a lot more for BG and moment design.”

5) Organic Negatives and Positives.

6) Jungle.

7) Grug alone.

8) “The bear owl was designed by Mr T. Noguchi (master chief of the character and creature world). With the model in early production phase , I took the mesh and posed it quickly in zbrush for scale and dimension. I painted quite heavily into it to bring some aggressive nature to the block in (while still trying to honor Mister T’s design). Other details were then added – fog , debris etc.”

9-10) “Sometimes on The Croods we would get the chance to design some bizarre/giant plants. I rather enjoy this type of thing. The early version of Grug was designed and modelled by the great Mr T of course and I asked nicely if I could use him for scale…I did many of these, some of them really weird and odd at different stages of design. These two plants were some of the first I did and much to my surprise the very first one I did made it into the movie (lower).”