simon pony


And then Maru failed to keep a straight face for the photo. (Ba dum tsh)

Something silly inspired by the tradition of giving ugly knitted shirts and woolly socks for christmas. And if Maru was going to get stuffed in a centaur-sized shirt, Pony needed to have socks.

If you don’t appreciate me when I’m wearing dirty breeches, smelly collared shirts, and muddy boots, you don’t deserve me in my sexy dress and heels.

And you sure as hell don’t deserve me when I’m not wearing anything.

Spot the bunny!

I had the idea of hiding a bunny in a watercolor painting and this was the result. Originally, it was a Mother’s Day gift and I decided to see if she could spot the bunny without knowing to look for one.  I hid the bunny well enough that it went undetected!

I posted it on a few things at the Bunnies and Sunshine Store if anyone’s interested.


Bunny kisses!  I couldn’t just leave you with drawn bunnies, now could I?

Eyyy, long time no see, Pony! This time she’s even at work!

The gentleman next to her is old Ramses, one of the animals in their Egyptian enclosure (the other two being mother and daughter sha, a.k.a. “Set animal”, Teje and Hatshepsut). Ramses is a criosphinx, and he’s OLD. Nobody knows how old exactly, as his history includes illegal pet trade, but he was one of the first animals the zoo got when it was founded over a decade ago.

Usually they lock the animals indoors when their outdoor enclosures are cleaned, and Hat and Teje do spend the cleaning time inside, but old Ramses is such a sweetheart that he has a special license to hang around. It also helps in feeding him to not have the shas around to steal his food. 

He only has half of his original teeth, and his right horn is broken, but he still has all his charm.

So, after asking for doodle prompts to fill my new sketchbook with, wolfyttwisted asked for Simon’s Zoo stuff, so here’s all the zoo’s female harpies in a group shot (from left to right: Snöflinga, Lady Morgana and Baba). 

For ferocious, flying murderbeasts, they are all pretty baffled by a sudden SHREW (suggested by hurtanminttu​) having happened in their enclosure. Probably the first time they’ve ever seen one. Poor Baba is terrified.

Apparently the annual Draw-a-Centaur-Day was couple of days ago, and I missed it. So to make it up, here’s a quick lunch break doodle of Pony climbing her girlfriend to try to look taller* giving her woman a hug.

*Nice try, Pony, won’t work.