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rogermon headcanon

…where Simon doesn’t pay any attention to any compliments, only saying a dazed “thanks…” once in a while. Then Roger steps up to finding excuses to brush up against Simon, who still doesn’t really react. Roger shoots Simon shy glances, but even if Simon catches Roger’s gaze, his eyes are glassy with daydreams and he looks away after a while. Roger starts leaving tiny gifts next to Simon when he’s asleep – a morsel of pig meat on a leaf, a flower, an interesting seashell – but they get snatched away by littluns too often than not.
Then one day Simon stumbles across Jack and Roger hunting and decides to trail behind them. The two corner a pig, and Simon, expecting Roger to stab it, shuts his eyes and makes a small gasping noise. Roger whips around at the noise, and seeing Simon, drops his stick and lets the pig escape. And as Jack curses, Simon meets Roger’s eyes and they don’t look away from each other for a long, long time.


Was bored and decided to mess around with speed in PrePro. 

I’m sorry

What we know: 

NBC4 LA is the only camera on the ground for the Animal Control approach of the Dog Psychology Center. The deputy interviewed said that ‘[CM] is known to the department for being good with animals, a good trainer’ and that the allegations of animal abuse were ‘a surprise’. He mentioned that an ‘anonymous caller gave them a tip about the incident’ with Simon and the pig which I shall now optimistically dub ‘The Doom of the Dog Whisperer’. 

They’re specifically investigating how CM went about “training” Simon - his methods are where they’re investigating animal cruelty, and it has nothing to do (yet) about if they’re effective or not. 

CM is out of town on a business trip, according to family, but must respond to the authorities within 24 hours. If he does not, the report mentioned that the department could issue a search warrant of his property, arrest him, or both. 

I’ll keep everyone updated as soon as we know anything more. 

It’s starting, guys. Cesar Millan is hopefully on his way out of the spotlight and might finally be held accountable for his incorrect, misleading and abusive ways.