simon pegg is the best pegg

  • <p> <b>Simon Pegg:</b> yeah we decided to make sulu gay because we thought it'd be sweet to pay homage to George Takei and acknowledge our lgbt+ fans<p/><b>Some homophobe:</b> wtf you can't do that stop pushing the homosexual agenda you're ruining star trek<p/><b>Simon pegg:</b> you know what actually jim kirk is a pansexual, bones is bi, uhura and spock may not even be a thing, chekov is pan, scotty and keenser are canon, come to think of it everyone in space is gay<p/></p>
st3 (best of)
  • mr sensitive
  • montgomery scotty
  • u gave your gf radioactive jewellery  
  • u gave your gf a tracking device
  • the obvious gay that pissed off all the middle age men in the cinema :)
  • jaylah’s outfit @ the end 

Fregg Fallout AU: Best friends since childhood, Brac (Simon Pegg) and Garrett (Nick Frost) grew up in post-nuclear war England in the safety of one of the many Vault-Tec vaults. Garrett is a brilliant mechanic, while Brac works as a fry cook, and they spend all their spare time together. But Brac has been harbouring a secret desire to see the outside world, and when the opportunity to escape the vault arises, Brac convinces Garret to join him on his adventures across the Wastelands of England.