simon pegg and zachary quinto

This was so perfect
  • Kirk: Space. The final frontier.
  • Spock: These are the voyages of the starship...
  • Scotty: ... Enterprise. Its continuing mission...
  • Bones: ... to explore strange new worlds...
  • Sulu: ... to seek out new life...
  • Chekov: ... and new civilizations.
  • Uhura: To boldly go where NO ONE has gone before.

I think my favorite thing about the AOS cast is that you can watch the three movies and actually see the way that they grew into the role like

  • Chris going from being a little shit who wants to get a rise out of people aka the Kobiyashi Maru scene to a Captain plagued by his past and refusing to lose anyone else
  • Zach’s eyebrow raise (which is on fucking point the whole time but in Beyond it is so Leonard Nimoy it hurts)
  • Karl’s little homages to De and learning the way to hold his face/mouth to convey such Bones level exasperation
  • John doing that fucking smile when he sees his family that is literally just SUlu like he went from a quiet character in the first reboot and piloted a ship that hadn’t run in decades
  • Zoe’s glare in every single movie that could cut a man in half but also saved my life
  • Anton going from a nervous, somewhat stuttery Chekov to the navigator of the Enterprise who saves the goddamn day with Jim 
  • Simon has always been the embodiment of Scotty but the way he looks at the Enterprise like it’s the love of his life and he’s so reluctant to leave her like he was born for that role 

Idk i’m just emotional and proud of my children 


I’ve watch this like 20 times and it will never stop being funny