simon mould

AoJE: Simon's Age

Hi Everyone,

So I noticed that some of you were worried about Simon’s age vs. his education, so I thought I’d clear up any lingering confusion.

As a december baby Simon had always been more determined to prove himself, and deemed gifted by his teachers, skipped a grade in high school, graduating at 16 years old. But there’s really no point in comparing Simon to the mould because it’s pretty clear he’s not going to fit! Being the dedicated student he was, and taking summer courses, Simon managed to finish his pre-med undergraduate degree in 3 years (therefore finishing at 19 years old).

He then completed a 4 year medical degree, graduating at 22 years of age. And this is where stuff gets Canadian- medical internships are not standard practice in Canada. So he would currently be in the 2nd year of his residency. 

As with everything else in the show- we do our research. So while I understand the general concerns I promise, not only have we checked multiple sources, but we’ve actually based his education on a real person. Which, while certainly impressive, it’s not at all implausible. 

It might however, make you feel like you’re not doing enough with your life, and cause you to wake up every morning and you think “How much more has Simon already accomplished than me today” - and then you have a strong coffee, and remind yourself that you are in control of his destiny, and you feel a bit better. Hypothetically.