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Below, we have compiled a roundup of what In The Flesh creator, Dominic Mitchell, has teased could happen in series 3 over the last year on Twitter.

Warning: contains spoilers (obviously). However, please bear in mind In The Flesh’s future is still very uncertain and the plot points mentioned below may never come into fruition or could become subject to change.

Now, where were we?

Series 2 left the residents of Roarton with, if not a bright future, certainly a more optimistic one. The Walkers had come to terms with Kieren living life as an openly partially deceased syndrome sufferer, free of contact lenses and cover up mousse to disguise his undead appearance. He and Simon had decided to stay together in the village, giving their relationship a go after Simon turned his back on the Undead Liberation Army and Jem had finally seen the light when it came to Gary, but was left dealing with the effects of PTSD brought on by The Rising and needed to face the consequences of accidentally killing Henry Lonsdale while on patrol. Meanwhile, although our BDFF, Amy, had been buried for a second time, representatives of Halperin & Weston Pharmaceuticals were last seen digging her back up again as there was “still time”, which left us with one of the most infuriating cliffhangers in living and redeemed memory!

So, what happens next?

According to Dom, things aren’t looking all that positive after all. Not that this should come as a surprise to any of us, as we are talking about Roarton here. 

It seems that the village parish council, in all their wisdom, have decided segregation is the best answer to keeping the peace between the pulse beaters and the rotters in their community. Roarton Valley is now divided into two parts: West and East. While the undead have been designated to live on the East side, the living all live on the West side.

Kieren, having moved out of Steve and Sue’s house is now living with Simon in the East, but cohabiting together in a normal domestic relationship is still a little new to them:

KIEREN WALKER: You done the dishes?

SIMON MONROE: (Bemused, isn’t used to domestic life) I haven’t done anything to the dishes!?

After betraying the ULA and disobeying the Undead Prophet’s order to kill Kieren who they believe is the First Risen, Simon is still very paranoid about ‘his guy’ being hurt by the other ULA followers. If anyone touches a hair on Kieren’s head he won’t think twice about sticking one of those surgical instruments he was given by Julian through their brain! And Simon’s wise to be on his guard, as his ULA mentor, Julian, is still a loyal disciple to the Undead Prophet and will be coming for him. Chances are, it’s not going to go well for Simon.

Meanwhile, having confessed to killing Henry Lonsdale, Jem is charged and brought to trial for his murder. To the shock of everyone, including Jem, the court gives her a suspended sentence. Although she is free, she is ordered to attend group therapy sessions for her PTSD where she meets new character Alex, a disabled PDS sufferer still traumatised by The War. Jem and Alex (whose gender is unconfirmed) bond over their shared guilt over killing people during The Rising and it’s not long until they begin a (possibly lesbian) relationship, much to the chagrin of Gary who still holds a torch for his ex-girlfriend. But stalker Gary isn’t half of Jem’s problems as Henry’s mother is out for vigilante justice, believing she “got off scot free” for killing her son.

Despite Halperin & Weston Pharmaceuticals now being one of the biggest companies in the world having developed the PDS treatment drug Neurotriptyline, rumour has it that one of the founders, Dr. John Weston, has gone insane and has tried to burn the whole Research & Development building down in Norfolk. He has now disappeared completely.

But what about Amy? Apparently, she has the biggest storyline of them all! Poor Philip has been suffering from depression after the loss of his girlfriend and when he goes to visit Amy’s grave, he discovers something shocking…

Our money’s on an empty grave and a missing cuddly toy tiger, but for now, that’s all we know.

We will update this article if, as or when Dom reveals more. It goes without saying that two years on after the second series concluded, we continue to miss In The Flesh terribly and still live in hope it will rise again. 

But in the meantime, those of you on Twitter, be sure to follow @DominicMitchell and with any luck, he’ll tell us further details as to how our beloved characters are getting on.

Imagine Kieren taking Simon shopping specifically to get him more diverse clothes because he’s kind of tired of seeing the same sweaters over and over. At every store they go to, Simon sheepishly picks out MORE SWEATERS and tries each of them on, and Kieren just sighs and let’s it happen, because honestly his boyfriend is so adorable, how could he say no?

anonymous asked:

What exactly is otherkin? All I really know if from assholes that portray it as an attempt at gendering non-gendered things, or as a "special snowflake" thing, but I know it can't be that. What does it mean to be otherkin? What are "kintypes"?

Yeah otherkin is not a gender thing. Sometimes our genders are affected by it, but it is not a gender. Things in life can affect your gender, like mental illnesses or disabilities, spiritual beliefs, sexuality and romantic orientation, presentation, and really any number of other things.  Never believe people who are like “they think their gender is fish”. We don’t.

Before getting into this keep in mind that every kin is different and unique and experiences being kin differently. I can’t speak for everyone or know everyone’s experiences.

Basically otherkin (other than fictionkin which is slightly different) in some way believe they are non-human (in a previous life, in spirit, in an alternate universe, mentally, etc) or have a strong spiritual connection to something non-human. Some people will say it’s purely spiritual but it isn’t for everyone.

For example there could be someone whose is mermaidkin who believes they were a mermaid in their previous life but aren’t anymore and still feel a bit (or a lot) of that life in them. There could be someone who is gemkin who feels a strong connection to gemstones. There could be someone who is batkin who feels they should have been a bat in this life. Or someone who is pokekin with a specific pokemon and they just are the pokemon. Someone could be starkin/spacekin and be a star system in a human vessel.

Kintypes are what you are kin with/of. (catkin, deerkin, gemkin, faekin, etc). You can be kin of pretty much anything. Polykin is the term for someone with multiple kintypes. (Note that someone who is polykin can have a different relationship with their different kintypes. like one is their previous life and another is a connection, etc).

As for fictionkin we have the same thing except with fictional characters. I am Simon Monroe fictionkin and I have the “previous life” view of that particular kintype of mine (I am polykin). Fictionkin varies just as much as any other type of otherkin, with people having the different kinds of relationships (previous life, alternatve universe, connection).

Another good term to know is fictive. Only people with who are systems/multiple/median use this (Edit: I had earlier said “only folks with DID” but not all systems have DID and I apologize for any misrepresentation I made by saying so). It means that one of the facets/headmates/alters are the character. It’s different but closely linked to the fictionkin community. Some fictives like the term fictionkin too and others do not. Some fictive don’t like the fictionkin community at all. Don’t label them as such unless they have labeled themselves as such. Also do not call yourself a fictive if you are fictionkin and not a system. 

For a lot of people otherkin does seem very odd, yes, but really it’s not any more odd than many popular religions or belief systems, which believe in afterlifes, reincarnation, spiritual connections with animals, etc. It’s also not too weird to have the alternate reality thing as many people like and believe in the multiverse theory (or the idea that there are infinite universes). People really like to hate on us simply because our beliefs aren’t common or well known.

It’s really sensationalized and people will make troll posts of like “dont mow ur lawn cause thats harmful to plantkin” or “my mom is mad at me cause i’m living off a diet of acorns since i’m squirrelkin”. We aren’t mad if you interact with the thing/animal we are kin of or dress up as them (that post saying mascots are appropriation is also a troll) and we usually dont do dangerous things like having a diet that a human body can’t handle (although some people could and that would be their own business and don’t make fun of them for it).

Some folks also experience something called astral projection, which you probably knows as an out of body experience, but is actually just the idea of an “astral body”, or a body that is separate from the physical one. When this happens, they can usually feel limbs/appendages of their kintype that they don’t have anymore/have on this body (eg. feeling wings if u are bird or dragonkin).

Lots of people say we are mentally ill and/or delusional and the thing is, some of us are. There are mentally ill otherkin. There are otherkin who are kin because of their mental illness and those who’s illness have nothing to do with it. If they are delusions then that is fine, delusions aren’t always dangerous or unhealthy and even when they are you shouldn’t be rude to people for having them.

There are trans/nonbinary and cis otherkin.

Also speaking of trans otherkin, don’t assume that because someone who is kin uses neopronouns that they think their kintype is their gender. This is not the case. gender =/= pronouns. Some people don’t like he/she/they and just want something that doesn’t have any previous ties to it as far as gender roles go or simply feel more comfortable with neopronouns. And as I said earlier, kintypes can influence gender very heavily. My pronouns are murself (mur meaning death) but my gender is not literally death itself.

There are otherkin of all races and ages (we are not all pre-teens as anti otherkin like to suggest, although some of us are and they are valid).

I think I’ve covered pretty much everything. Idk if I missed anything on this but if I did just let me know. Anybody can add to this with their own experiences as kin.


In the Flesh - Simon Monroe

“I balanced all, brought all to mind. The years to come seemed waste of breath, a waste of breath the years behind. In balance with this life, this death.” - Simon Monroe

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