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Round up of AOMG’s 2015 Music Releases

Here’s a round-up list to refresh all of AOMG’s 2015 releases since it’s almost the end of the year. This compilation is to help out anyone who may have recently taken interest in AOMG or missed any of the music releases during the year for some reason. Lots of times there’s talk about the output of companies or labels and many people may be more or less aware of certain artists and their releases or songs they participated in, so here’s a list which shows just how musically active AOMG has been as a label this year. 

28 January: ELO - Your Love ft. The Quiett (Digital Single)
 - iTunes, ELO’s 1st Interview

7 April: GRAY - Just Do It ft. LOCO (Single from grayground. 01)
 - iTunes

8 April: LOCO & GFriend’s Yuju - Spring Is Gone By Chance (The Girl Who Sees Smell OST)
 - iTunes, MV
 - Awarded Best OST at Melon Music Awards 2015

8 May: Jay Park - Sex Trip (Single)
 - iTunes, MV, Spotify

22 May: Jay Park - Mommae ft. Ugly Duck (Single)
 - iTunes, MV, Spotify

29 May: Loco - High ft. Konsoul (Locomotive)
 - iTunes, MV

26 June: Ugly Duck - Whatever ft. Mayson The Soul & U-Tune (Digital Single)
 - iTunes

14 July: LOCO - Respect ft. GRAY & DJ Pumkin (Digital Single)
- iTunes, MV

17 July: Jay Park - My Last ft. LOCO & GRAY (Digital Single)
 - iTunes, MV, Spotify

28 July: LOCO - Awesome ft. Jay Park & GRAY (Digital Single; + High 2 ft. C Jamm & Jay Park)
 - iTunes, Special Clip

12 August: Simon D - Simon Dominic (Digital Single)
 - MV

14 August: Jay Park - Eyes (Oh My Ghostess OST)
 - iTunes, Spotify

17 August: DJ Wegun - Coolest Heat Mix
 - SoundCloud

21 August: Simon D - ₩ & Only (Maxi Single; 3 tracks)
 - iTunes, MV, Making Film 

24 September: Jay Park - Solo ft. Hoody
 - iTunes, MV, Choreography Version, Spotify

27 October: Ugly Duck - Asia ft. Reddy & JJJ
 - iTunes, MV, Spotify

5 November: Jay Park - Worldwide (Album; 18 tracks)
 - iTunes, You Know MV, BO$$ MV, Worldwide Choreography Teaser, Spotify


12 March: Gain - Apple ft. Jay Park (Title of Hawwah)
 - iTunes, MV, Music Core performance

15 April: Yoo Sae Yoon - Middle School Sick ft. Jay Park & Niihwa
- iTunes, MV

21 September: Gary - JOA ft. Jay Park (Title of 2002)
 - iTunes, MV

TV Shows

Mnet Show Me The Money 4
  ★ Respect
(Sik-K, Geegooin, Lil Boi, David Kim ft. LOCO, GRAY, DJ Pumkin) -  iTunesYouTubeLive Performance
  ★ On It + BO$$ (Lil Boi ft. LOCO & Jay Park - iTunesLive Performance, MV

Mnet Unpretty Rapstar 2
  ★ Solo Remix (Yezi ft. Loco & Jay Park) - iTunes, YouTube, Spotify
  ★ Money (Hyorin ft. Geegooin & Jay Park) - iTunes, YouTube, Spotify

MBC King of Mask Singer
  ★ Because It’s You (Simon Dominic) - Duet, Identity Reveal 

MBC Catch Music If You Can
  ★ S.O.L.O (Vasco ft. LOCO & Skull) - iTunes

JTBC TwoYoo Project - Sugar Man
  ★ Perhaps That (LOCO & Crush) - Live Performance

ELO’s first EP (speculated title “Eloquence”) is also expected to release before the year ends.