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Twelve stealing a Classic-style TARDIS, facing Mondasian Cybermen, and then in his uni office he’s got the original 60′s ‘Out of Order’ sign on the TARDIS (he’s currently stuck on Earth), followed by his desk having a container of old sonic screwdrivers and a photo of Susan Foreman, his granddaughter.

I’m really glad Steven Moffat has been fulfilling Peter’s wishes to insert Classic Who nods during his run in the title role. Carole Ann Ford is still around, so I hope an old photograph is not all that we’ll see of Susan! ;)

GIFs by me while the photo is by Simon Ridgway.

Fated | Part 2

Jim Kirk x reader AOS 

Summary: Jim helps you out of a sticky situation at a bar and you are both intrigued by each other, but you like to play hard to get. Will you two see each other again after this wonderful night?

Warnings: none this chapter

Word count: 964

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Jim’s POV | The Next Day

“What kind of trouble have you gotten into now man?” McCoy sneers towards you while walking towards the entrance of Starfleet HQ.

“I haven’t done anything this time Bones.”

“Yeah and I’m the king of Siam” McCoy replies in his usual sarcastic manner.

“It’s probably just about the Enterprise taking off tomorrow. I swear, I’m innocent.”

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