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Portrait of singer Nina Simone. Stamped on back: “Publications of this photograph must include by-line Gerald Simmons/Ulozi Photographics.” Handwritten on back: “Nina Simone, 7-69.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

Born on this day: February 21, 1933 - Legendary singer, songwriter, pianist and activist Nina Simone (born Eunice Kathleen Waymon in Tryton, NC). Happy Birthday to the “High Priestess of Soul” on what would have been her 84th Birthday.

jace: why didnt you tell me?
clary: because i didnt think youd be able to keep it a secret
jace: what are you talking about? i am an excellent secret keeper! ive kept all our secrets!
simon: what secrets?
jace: no no no! youre not going to get me to tell you becaue i am an EXCELLENT secret keeper
clary: *leaves*
simon: youll tell me later right
jace: you already know

  • penny: so i saw this really cute ba-
  • simon: baz? you think baz is cute?
  • simon: i mean i guess you're right
  • simon: but if i had to describe him i'd say he's more so beautiful than cute
  • simon: or like really really hot
  • simon: like,
  • simon: so hot it's evil
  • simon: because baz is EVIL
  • penny: ...
  • simon: but i mean cute works too
  • penny:
  • penny: i was going to say baby

dkthunderiv  asked:

a concept: when simon and athena are alone (and by alone i mean when none of their friends are around to hold this over simon's head), he calls her dear and other comparable terms of endearment in a 'worried-though-i-damn-well-know-i-shouldnt-be' mother hen fashion?

It’s so good it’s too good I’m wiping away tears as we speak

Athena does NOT stop laughing the first time he does it, and Simon’s a sourpuss, but he does it again later that night, and she tells him she doesn’t mind it. Just so long as he doesn’t get any ideas and thinking she’s some 11 year old girl again.

He is CERTAINLY a mother hen when it’s just them hanging out. He’s such a dad/brother/uncle to her and always makes sure she has enough food and if she falls asleep on him (which probably happens a lot) he’s getting her to bed proper. And he always manages to make it seem like he’s annoyed for having to do these things, but Athena can hear the truth and also she knows Simon better than anyone else bye

Everyone probably wonders what their friendship is really like since Public Athena and Simon are different than Private, Best Bros Athena and Simon. It’s the best friendship, they pick on each other all the time and have nice heart to hearts and there is nothing more pure in this world amen