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Hey guys! Here’s what the next batch of fics looks like - 5 new requests and 3 of the older ones. Under the cut is all the completed fics!

  • Anon: Finn is recovering from his surgery and he’s being a big baby trying to guilt you into sex. You finally give in and insist you have full control. I totally picture riding him
  • Anon: Chad Gable smut where he’s angry after losing a match
  • Anon: You’re good friends with Baron Corbin but you’re dating Cass. Cass often feels like you like Corbin more and rough sex. (Including riding those thick thighs if you can)
  • moneypowergloryfameliquorlove: Roman/reader smut fic where Roman gets reader off with just really really DIRTY talk and some name calling and daddy kink( his voice is so deep and sexy!) theres barely any touching involved, he’s just that good with words.
  • Anon: car sex with Baron Corbin
  • wvnschdivas: a smut where Miz and the reader are a couple and in the morning she wakes up and hears him mumble some smutty things in his dream
  • Anon: You’re Maryses personal stylist and she always has you around to help he rlook good, at least that’s what she claims to her husband, who doesn’t care what you girls do. You both push the boundaries of touching and pleasuring each other in the most inappropriate places.
  • Anon: You’re an interviewer at wwe and some really smutty action happens between the reader & Sami Zayn because he’s jealous about all the extra attention Aj’s been given

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i was tagged by the beautiful @pettyjinyeong!!! thank u for remembering me bubba!!

Nickname: jacke

Zodiac Sign: aquarius

Height: im tiny…….5′1′’

Last Thing Googled: how to know your height in english sjknjdndjn 

Favorite Music Artists: got7, bigbang, jhené aiko, beyonce, drake, kehlani, tinashe, simon d, kalin white, H.E.R, ella mai, lianne la havas, bryson tiller, brian puspos…

Song Stuck in My Head: maniac by jhené aiko

Last Movie Watched: hush 

Last TV Show Watched: shameless!!

What are you wearing right now: black top and v loose shorts 

When did you create your blog: i have the account since 2012 i think???? but i started liking kp around 2015 in july!!! 

Do you get asks regularly: nah but im v thankful for the few ones i get!!

Why did you chose your url: it sounds cool!! sdnjn 

Gender: female

Hogwarts House: bitch…slytherin

Pokemon team: i didnt get to play pokemon :/ 

Favorite color: black and red 

Average hours of sleep: 8-13

Lucky number: 7

Favorite characters: mickey milkovich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

How many blankets you sleep with: just one

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