simon greening

Everyone: Negan killed Glenn and Abraham! How could he?!

Me: Because Rick’s group killed like 50 Saviors?


“From the shoulder, beyond my wrist - Look out evil, it’s my fist!”
- Hal Jordan

I confess: I have absolutely no clue what Kyle has been up to in the n52. Last I read he was a white lantern so… Also, anyone knows where the quote’s from? I can’t find it.

PS: I took a pic with my phone instead of scanning it and coloured it in using the trackpad of my mac. It’s not relevant to the result but I feel like my efforts should be acknowledged.

Arrows / Bats / Flashes / Wonders

The person with the crossbow wasn’t Daryl.

It was Dwight.

I’ve been saying since the beginning that Dwight is going to be a huge player in the mission to bring Negan down and NEXT WEEK I’LL FINALLY BE PROVEN RIGHT