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Inktober Day 19 - The Spiderwick Chronicles

There were three things that attracted me to reading this series when I was younger. Number one, the fairie-kind were neither nice nor necessarily “pretty.” Number two, Mallory Grace freaking fenced. 

And number three, the art was my absolute favorite thing. It probably was the starting point of my love of drawing with ink. The style is just so scratchy and nice c:


Max and Aiden’s Birthday Party!

Good evening everyone. So the day finally came, and as I’m sure you guys know, then we did a small birthday party for Max and Aiden today, and everything went well. It was fun. We put a few decorations here and there, but it was actually a pretty calm party. We had brought way too much food, as you can see in the photos above, but I’d rather have too much food on hand, than too little. And do not fear, I was not alone here with all of these lovely toddlers. Emily and William were here to celebrate their brothers, too, and Damian was also around, but not in any of the photos, since he was the one running around with the camera, haha.

The guests were arriving shortly after 1 PM, but Misty actually came about an hour early, so she helped us decorate and get all the food and drinks on the table, before the rest of Max and Aiden’s friends arrived. Quinn was the second friend to arrive, and shortly after, we would have a “house” full of toddlers! All of them had hungry stomachs and were ready to eat, with the delicious fruit and the sausage rolls being a hit. I already knew we had brought too much sweets, especially, but with a party for two boys, who like completely different things, we just wanted to make sure we had something for everyone. And whatever was not eaten, we’ll save for another good occasion, or possibly let the older twins bring some of it to a friend’s house.

Everyone was in a playful mood from the start, and as you see, then the lighting was a lot better under the shadow of the trees. I do think some of the photos are a little bright, but you really can’t get perfect photos everytime, and definitely not with ELEVEN children running around. Of course, Emily and William would stay mostly in the background - especially William was a little out of himself, and Noah gets a little nervous around older kids, and would stay close to me, but they all did really well, so we’re happy! Max and Aiden were definitely having a blast, and so were their little friends. It was so wonderful to see all of them run around and play so well together on the grass. Most of them had pretty much run out of energy when their parents came to pick them up, but at least the little kiddos will be sleeping well tonight - hopefully. I am very grateful that the party was a success!

A big thanks to everyone who came to celebrate our boys. And also thanks to @narusasu-simblr, @candytrotter, @jaggersimmer, @pandandpixels and @simplyimaginarypeople, for letting us kidnap your sweet children for the day!

Okay so someone (moi) went skating today and I just…. couldn’t stop thinking of Snowbaz??? So here’s some headcanons that /might/ get turned into an actual fic idk anymore XDD

  • So /technically/ they don’t really know each other bc school is a big place and ye
  • So Simon has a job at the local skate rink as one of those ppl that u know kinda just skate around the rink and help the ppl who fell get up
  • So ye here u are with Simon Snow with his golden curls and beat up pair of roller skates and ye
  • And one day Baz’s step mum forces him to take his sisters skating
  • Oh boy oh boy oh boy
  • So those little butts they force Baz to rent a pair of skates with them (cuz they “can't” skate)
  • So y’know Baz laces up the kids skates and then his skates and stands up
  • At first it seems like he’ll be fine
  • And the chiddlers go and skate no problem
  • Baz doesn’t get two feet without falling
  • Frick
  • But freaking Mordelia is like “C’monnnnn Bazzzzz.”
  • So shakily Baz gets onto the skate rink and he’s like uber embarrassed bc what the frick Mordelia you can skate perfectly fine by urself why couldn’t I just stand on the side and laugh at the ppl falling instead of being the person falling?
  • So I mean he almost falls a lot but it’s okay cuz he’s hugging the wall and it’s keeping him on his feet (but he is forced to skate in shame as kids that are like 5 years old zoom past him)
  • And then he gets to that part all skate rinks have that have no bars u know those places
  • Oh frick
  • For a second he thinks he has it and gets rlly excited for a sec (that dork)
  • And then he falls on his face
  • (As he puts it, his life flashed before his eyes)
  • Then Simon frickin Snow that graceful dorkface comes in swiftly and reaches a hand down to Baz
  • “Are you okay, Sir?”
  • Baz tries to get up but when he looks up at Simon he practically falls again cuz what the frick nobody has the right to be that hot
  • (Simon is literally thinking the exact same thing and it’s a miracle he isn’t looking like a tomato rn)
  • “Fine,” Baz grumbles as he gets to his feet
  • And to his embarrassment, he slips again, right into Simon Snow’s arms
  • Oops
  • So Baz is like super embarrassed and flustered and it’s a mess
  • And Simon is like squealing on the inside bc WHAT THE FRICK OH MY GODDDDDD but he keeps his cool bc he’s Simon idk
  • Anyway Baz skates away basically dying
  • And ye
  • But like the whole night Baz keeps falling and Simon keeps skating to him laughing and saying “Are you sure you don’t want my help?”
  • Baz denies every time
  • Soon the night comes to an end
  • And both Baz and Simon are a little sadder than they’d like to admit
  • (Those dorks. They crushin)
  • And then
  • The next week
  • Oh my gods Baz takes his sisters again
  • He doesn’t admit it but he wants to see Simon again
  • (DORK)
  • So the same thing happens as before
  • But at the end of the night Simon asks, “What’s ur name?”
  • “Baz.”
  • “Simon.”
  • So it kinda happens every week
  • They look forward to it
  • (A lot)
  • So anyway
  • Simon ends up telling Penny about him
  • “Oh my god Penny he’s so pretty.”
  • “Did you see his eyes? Aren’t they amazing?”
  • “Pennnyyyyyyyyyy I’m not done with my storyyyyyy.”
  • Then one day he calls her at like 1 in the morning
  • “Penny….”
  • “What is it now Simon? It’s 1am can’t I sleep?”
  • “Penny I….” Simon bites his lip
  • “What is it Simon?”
  • “How did you know you loved Micah?”
  • “Wha–is this about Agatha again?”
  • “I–what? No I’m just… curious.”
  • Penny takes a deep breath
  • “It’s when all you can think about it is them. It’s when you look forward to see them everyday and you miss them with every part of your soul.”
  • Silence
  • “Penny?”
  • “Yes Simon?”
  • “I think I like Baz.”
  • 0.0
  • Okay so cut to the next week
  • Simon sees Baz with his sisters and skates over to him
  • He’s like rlly nervous
  • But he goes up to Baz
  • “Hey um Baz?” Simon says. Baz turns around and to his surprise sees Simon
  • “Hey Simon.”
  • “Um… do you want to skate with me?”
  • Baz shrugs
  • They skate together
  • And it’s sorta killing Simon cuz BAZ IS SO SLOW
  • But his heart is racing like oh my god oh my god ohmygod
  • He’s rlly pink and Baz is wondering what the frick is going on
  • Like what the hell Simon?
  • Baz is too lost in thought that he doesn’t see some kid skate in front of him until he almost crashes into them and he doesn’t but he falls
  • “Baz are you alright?”
  • Simon holds out a hand
  • For the first time, Baz takes it
  • Electricity shocks through both of their arms
  • Baz stands up
  • Both of their hands are still linked
  • And then Penny that little devil who is in charge of the music changes the song in the middle of another song and plays “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”
  • Simon is so red and like god damnit Penny you had one job
  • But Baz is looking at him in a way that… he rlly likes
  • And suddenly they find themselves drifting closer together
  • (Or Baz is sliding that’s also a possibility)
  • And then my gods Simon is pretty much like “whatever” and kisses Baz
  • basically both of them are dying but they like love it a lot omgs
  • And then the moment is ruined as Baz slips and both of them crash to the floor
  • Simon just laughs
  • “I-I like you,” he stutters
  • “I-I like you, too.”

Yet another fun playdate with our favorite fox cub!

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve had Micah over to play with the kiddos! But I’m sure his parents have been busy now with a new baby in the house, and I sense that Micah is absolutely in love with his sister. He’s been talking a lot about her, and we’re all very excited for him and his parents, and we can’t wait to meet her!

I’m so glad the weather decided to be in our favor. We are currently redecorating Damian and I’s bedroom, and have moved Max and Aiden with us upstairs, in the room next to us! We have boxes and toys all over the floor, but we’re still able to get around, so I guess it’s not really as bad as it seems!

It’s really fun now that the little twins are older, and moving around a lot more (they’ll actually be 1 year next month, can you believe it?!). Lumi will instantly love everyone who wants to play with her, so she and Micah got along really well from the start. Noah is actually really shy, and even though we tried to bribe him with toys, it took some time to win him over. Max and Aiden also love to play with their younger siblings, so it was nice to see all of them play together. Also now that Lumi is walking a bit on her own, I noticed how carefully Micah would walk around her. He placed his hand on her head 20 times, so I think he was afraid of pushing her over. She’s quite clumsy, and has fallen over many times already. I try to teach the older kids to help me keep an eye on her, and be more careful when the little ones are walking around (I can’t have my eyes glued on them 24/7, it’s just not at all realistic), but I’m telling you; Aiden is like a tiny bulldozer who sometimes will crash into everyone, and not keep an eye on what he’s doing.

I managed to get the kids indoors (it started raining, which is just too typical). William will be home for dinner (he’s at soccer practice), so once I have finished this blog post, I will have Aiden, Noah and Lumi moved to the office and kitchen area with their toys, so I can keep an eye on them - and hopefully Em, Max and Micah will be little angels and help me with the food! May you all have a wonderful day!

  • Kevin Porter: You can't love someone back to life.
  • Clay Jensen: You can try.
  • Me: Umm, sorry to be interrupting this highly emotional scene, but I was kinda wondering, if we try hard enough, could we love our favourite fictional characters to reality? Life is kinda lonely without them