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The science of songs: how does music affect your body chemistry?

I spent four years gathering information for my book, Why We Love Music, reading textbooks and papers packed full with phrases like “spectral structure and harmonic syntax” and “amplitudes of transglottal airflow”. Translated into conversational English, the science – I think – is of interest to everyone who loves music (and even those few of us who don’t). For example, experiments have demonstrated that music is extremely effective at curing insomnia; that shoppers spend more money in stores playing classical music; and that communal singing helps humans to bond with each other by releasing oxytocin into our system - the same chemical we experience during sex or breast-feeding.

In “Why You Love Music,” John Powell, a physicist who has also studied musical composition, offers an array of answers that mainly reflect his scientific background. He conveys some basic musical information painlessly, including tuning and scales, the construction of melodies, and elements of timbre and key. His writing is chatty and unpretentious; he is informal and down-home, at times quite funny. If you have ever felt intimidated by music and its terminology of whole and half steps, scales and chords, this book will put you at ease. – Peter Pesic, Wall Street Journal (£)

Research has revealed that music holds the keys to your body’s pharmacy. Photograph: Simon Frazer/SPL/Getty Images


1) Batman & Joker by Francesco Mattina

2) Daredevil & Kingpin by Bill Sienkiewicz

3) Corto Maltese by Giulio Rincione aka Batawp

4) Lobo by Simon Bisley

5) Cyclops by Frazer Irving  on Tumblr

6) Scarlet Witch by David Aja

7) Devilman by Roberto Recchioni on Tumblr (NSFW) 

8) Tiger Mask by Gabriele Dell’Otto on Tumblr

9) Moon Knight by Julian Totino Tedesco

10) Ghost Rider by Marko Djurdjević


1989. Dreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays) 

is the second album by band Sabbat.

Dreamweaver is a concept album based on the 1983 book by psychologist Brian Bates - “The Way of Wyrd: Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer”. The album demonstrated singer and lyricist Martin Walkyier’s deep held beliefs in Wyrdism, Anglo-Saxon spirituality, Celtic mysticism and paganism. Musically the album reflected composer Andy Sneap’s predilection at that time for increasingly lengthy and progressively technical thrash metal songs. Shortly before the album was recorded, former Holosade guitarist Simon Jones was recruited into the band as an additional lead and rhythm guitarist.

‘Dreamweaver’ is the ultimate example that thrash metal can be more ambitious and innovative than more deep.  It has   thrashing madness within a complex structure of layers of wonderful riffs, it has a great lyrics and hypnotic atmosphere, and it’s a must have for any thrasher. Amaznig album, one of the best metal albums ever made. 

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