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I mean I don’t hate my art. I’m proud of where I’ve gotten with it!

I just look at it and I’m like… I could be doing better than this. I need to do more with backgrounds. I need to change up the poses and get more expressive. I need to have more control over my drawing process. I need to do color and value studies. I need to actually think about what I’m trying to make.

A few years ago I was really pushing myself to learn digital painting, trying new techniques, checking for consistency, drawing more landscapes and settings… I guess I quit doing that because I have less time to draw now. Now I play it safe with routine doodles that I know will come out okay in an hour or so.

I just look at the kinds of things my idols do, and what’s most frustrating is knowing that if I worked harder I could be doing those things too.


I have a shit ton of lady sims in my simsfileshare folder that have rarely been downloaded and used even less than that. Since it has been quite some time since 6/9 of these sims have been made and sent off, I have decided that I’m going to throw them at you guys, with the addition of 3 ladies recently made for the losers of Astrid’s BC that have not paired off with contestants. 

These are just the .sim files. Feel free to change hair/skintones for these ladies, use them as bases, berrify, set them on fire, whatever. Just don’t be a dick and reupload them, or say that you made them. Cause you didn’t. Tagging me if you use them would be super cool and I’d love you forever. Names are captioned on the photos for your picking and choosing pleasure. 


Simone | Charity | Cheryl
Renee | Karissa | Farrah
Edith | Molly | Malia

Carnival Headcanons

Imagine if the mortal instruments gang all went to the carnival after cohf. 

  • Isabelle and Jace would insist on going on all the craziest rides
  • Simon goes along with it, hoping he’ll get to do the whole “you can hold me if you’re scared” thing that he’s seen in rom coms but ends up clinging to Izzy for dear life during most of them. 
  • Jace is the holds his hands up in the air and screams during drops kind of guy
  • Clary’s the close your eyes and switches between laugh and screaming type
  • Alec holds on to Magnus’s hand right before the drop 
  • Alec asks about the booths and he and Magnus temporary leave the group for some carnival games
  • Alec does pretty well at balloon darts, and the “knouck em down cans”but just can’t land anything at ring toss
  • “By the Angel Magnus its some sort of mudane toture device!”
  • Eventually magnus feels bad and magically moves one onto the poles 
  • The gang show up 
  • Jace and Alec immediatly go against each other in  “knouck em down cans” and arguing over who won
  • “I’m just saying I won” “Jace you hit the guy on your last throw” “Hey it wasn’t my fault my ball ricocheted into his face. That’s actually more impressive than hitting a stack a cans if you ask me. That’s probably worth 3 points at least!!”
  • Clary decides to get her face painted with Izzy
  • Clary gets a small but intricate design of stars while Izzy goes for a butterfly
  • They convince Simon to get vampire face paint, with fangs and blood and everything
  • He’s not amused 
  • Jace is
  • Clary and Jace go ride the Ferris Wheel together and Clary looks a lot more flushed and blushy when they come down, leading to magnus making a comment about teenagers 
  • Simon manages to win a small stuffed teddy bear and gives it to Isabelle 
  • She wins him a gaint stuffed animal in return 
  • Alec and Magnus try out those photo booth things and have a blast
  • Alec wins a goldfish and has no idea what to do with it 
  • Magnus jokingly dubbs it Magnus the fish jr. 
  • Simon gets to the karoke booth and everyone joins in, even alec hums and sings the chorus
  • Clary feels so happy she can burst, all the people she holds close have all come together to have fun and its everything she could ask for 
Biblical evidence for St. Peter being the first pope.

+Among the Twelve Apostles, Peter’s name is mentioned the most, being 195 times in New Testament, while the next one, St. John, is mentioned 29 times.

+Whenever the apostles are all listed by name as a group, Peter’s name is always mentioned first, while Judas, the Lord’s betrayer, is always mentioned last.

+There are times when the apostles aren’t called by names but instead we see phrases like “Peter and the others,” which indicates that Simon Peter represented the college of apostles.

+Matthew 16: 18-19

+Jesus called Peter to come out of the boat and walk on water (Matt. 14: 25-33)

+Jesus Christ preached to the crowds from Simon Peter’s fishing boat.

+St. John waited for St. Peter to enter the empty tomb of Christ (John 20:6)

+Luke 22:31-32

+St. Peter preaches the first post-Pentecost sermon

+St. Peter performed the first miracle (Acts 3:1-10)

+God delivers revelation to Peter that Gentiles could now enter the Church without the need to observe Jewish Kosher food laws, and this teaching Peter made binding on the whole Church at the Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15.

+St. Paul checked in with St. Peter before starting his public ministry.


The Defenders S01E07 - Nelson & Murdock vs Misty Knight
“A witness? What, do you want me to describe how it sounded, Detective?”

Also, poor Foggy being unable to speak for Matt since they can’t let slip that Matt is Daredevil.

Billboard ad for Monterey Pop Festival that still lists Beach Boys in the line up.

School With NCT Dream

A/N: I was inspired by their MV My First And Last so I deeply apologize for not including Jaemin! He is one of my favorite members in the unit and I would add him to this, however, I feel like if I try it wont turn out the way I want and I would hate to post something I’m not 100% proud of and happy with. So, I apologize once again. And lastly, I hope you enjoy this short headcanon!

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Secret Love - Simon x Reader

Summary: Please do a Simon x reader where the reader is one of Negan’s wives but Simon is in love with her

Warnings: kind of angst?, drinking

about 1.1k words

hi if you like this please let me know! i have this set up to where i can make it a series, so if you’d like to see that, let me know!!

You sat on the roof of the Sanctuary, feel dangling off the edge as you rested your forearms on the railing. You gave up on trying to look decent today; you gave the tight, black dress your middle finger and opted for jeans and a v-neck top. That’s the only reason you were dangling your legs off the edge. Being one of Negan’s wives wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, especially when you weren’t the girly-girl, submissive personality that all the other wives were.

Truth be told, you didn’t want this life anymore. There was more than one factor making you feel this way, yet you still felt trapped. You were in a rough place when you agreed to being one of Negan’s wives. He took you in, took care of you, and brought you back to your lively, healthy self. But now, six months later, being (mostly) recuperated and ready for action, you couldn’t stand the life you were living.

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releasing merch (sidemen imagine)

requested?: yes

Okay so you were quite a big youtube with 12 million subscribers, you had been around for about 4 years and during that time had become really close with all the sidemen and friends. You currently lived in the halo tower living with freya. But recently you’ve been having a few meetings and talking to josh a lot and your thinking of releasing merch. You’ve never loved the idea of a youtuber sticking their name on a t-shirt and asking fans to buy it but after chatting with everyone they all seem to think it would be a really good idea, as do your fans.

You wanted to create some t-shirts maybe some hoodies and hats, but didn’t just wanted then to have Y/N plastered front and center. lets say you were trying to be a bit more tasteful.

you were currently sitting with Freya brainstorming ideas, after having sat there for 2hrs and coming up with nothing Freya decides to text josh and ask for his help.

20 mins later josh arrives, closely followed by Tobi.

“i had to bring Tobi since he’s the fashion king” josh laughed, Tobi buried his face in his hands and lightly hit Josh.

“anyway, what have you got so far?” josh asks coming to sit down with you and Freya.

“well so far we’ve got nothing, all we know is that we don’t want it to be ‘basic’” you respond, sighing slightly.

“well don’t you worry josh and tobi are here to save the day!” Tobi announces, making you all laugh.

After having sat with the boys for only an you had come up with some quite cool ideas; light blue, pink and grey jumpers, t-shirts and snapbacks all with y/l/n embroidered in the corner in the same colour.

“wow” you say “thanks for the help guys thats actually perfect!” you thank them as they begin to leave.

-the day you’re releasing the merch-

You had gone over to the sidemen house to film with Simon, Jj, josh and vikk, you were doing the patience test on Simons channel first (seeing who could last longer out of you two).

At the end you were both covered head to toe in anything and everything from their cupboards, you had won the patience test since simon left when they wacked out a fish.

“right” simon sighed “on that note i think we’ll end the video there, but wait tonight y/n is releasing some new merch! i’ve seen photos and it all looks amazing so check that out in the description, thank you guys for watching and see ya!”.

All the boys mentioned your merch in their videos and you couldn’t be more grateful seeing as you were very nervous that this wouldn’t go the way you’d hoped and no one would care.

“thanks guys.. i wasn’t really sure about putting out products, so thank you for all your help” you admitted sitting down on the sofa with them.

“awwwwwww” they all said in unison brining you in for a big bear hug

“we’re so proud of you y/n” josh said patting you on the back

“thanks josh” you chuckled, flashing him a smile.

-after the merch had dropped-

everything was sold out. The first 5hrs and everyone gone. Too be fair you weren’t really sure how to promote it so the sidemen all helped you by tweeting  about it and putting it on snapchat.

you were so happy to have such amazing friends.


sorry this was really shit but it was quite hard to write

anonymous asked:

"we're not buying a dog" for Jimon pls? ((also i love ur writing omg what's ur ao3?))

aaahhh thank u!!! my ao3 is rocketshiptospace :)

“We’re not buying a dog,” Jace says, not looking up from where he’s scrolling through his phone.

Simon huffs from where he’s hanging upside down on the couch. “What about a cat, then?”

“No,” Jace says.

Simon frowns at him, but Jace is still focused on his phone so he doesn’t see it. Simon frowns harder. “A fish,” he tries.

“Fishes do nothing.” Is all Jace has to say about that.

“A hamster. A guinea pig. A bunny,” Simon tries.

“Absolutely not.”

“Boa constrictor. Tarantula. Turtle. Iguana.”


“Walking sticks.”

“Give it up, Simon, we’re not getting a pet,” Jace says with a sigh, finally looking up from his phone.

Simon pouts at him, “I’m breaking up with you,” he says.

“Sure you are,” Jace says, smiling softly.

“Really, I am,” Simon says, sitting upright and crawling over to Jace, “Like, right after we make out a little. Maybe.”

Jace laughs, and pulls him in for a kiss. “Still not getting a pet.”

Simon sighs, “Worth the try,” he says, and kisses Jace again.

Stand up For Him//A Simon Bellamy Imagine

Anon said:  hi, I really liked your nathan young imagine! could i request a simon bellamy imagine where y/n and Simon were best friends when they were little and they meet again at community service and he’s really cute and shy and stuff? Thanks

Simon is the bae my precious child 


“Panty sniffer!” you heard someone shout. “Melon fuckaaaa!”

You rounded the corner, curious as to what was going on.

The probation worker got to you first. “Finally decided to join us then?” he asked.

“I’m so sorry I’m late,” you told him apologetically. “My car broke down and I had to root around for ages before I found the problem. I managed to fix it, but–”

“Look, I don’t care what you’re excuse is, just grab a brush and get to work,” he snapped. 

You nodded and grabbed a brush and started working on the graffiti on the wall.

“Well then,” someone said, coming up behind you. Whoever it was, they were so close you could feel their breath on your neck. “Who’re you?”  You turned and saw that it was the guy who had been shouting “Melon fuckaaaa!”

“Can you not stand so close please,” you asked quietly.

He got even closer. “Who are you?”

“Nathan, back off!” a girl with a tight pony tail shouted. He did what she said, thank god.

“Are you okay?” she asked. 

You nodded.

“’E’s a prick. I’m Kelly, that’s Nathan, Curtis, and that’s Alisha,” she pointed to each person as she named them.

“What about him?” you asked, pointing to the person standing with his back facing you.

Kelly rolled her eyes. “That’s Simon. He’s the one Nathan was shouting at earlier.”

Your eyes widened. “Simon Bellamy?”

She nodded slowly. “Yeah…D’you know ‘im or somefin’?”

“We were best friends when we were little. I haven’t seen him in years.”

“Are you gonna go say hi?”

“What? Oh, yeah of course.” You walked over to him and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. “Simon?”

He turned around. His face had changed, but there was no mistaking those bright blue eyes.

“(Y/N)?” He smiled slightly. “Is that you?”

You grinned. “I should hope so.”

“Y-you got tall,” he stammered. 

You shrugged. “Can’t say the same for you.”

He pretended to be hurt. “I’m offended.”

“What was that shouting about earlier?” you asked. 

He turned red and looked away. “They think I’m a pervert,” he said quietly. “They all hate me.”

You felt anger bubble up in your stomach. “What the fuck?” you muttered. “Are you serious?”

He nodded. “It’s nothing though.”

You stared at him. “Simon, it’s not nothing. They’ve got no right to treat you like this. I’m gonna talk to them.”

“No!” he cried, grabbing your hand.

You stared at your hands and then looked at him. He blushed and let go. 

“Simon, what’s with you? They’re all bullies, they could stand to be knocked down a few pegs.”

He shook his head. “If you try to help me, they’re gonna make fun of you. I don’t want this to be any worse for you than it already is.” He looked so sincere, but he also looked like he was about to cry.

“Oh, Simon,” you sighed, pulling him into a hug. “Don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself.”


You let go of Simon and rounded on the curly haired Irishman. “So what? Christ, I don’t understand what your problem is! He hasn’t done anything to you, but you make this fucking community service even worse for him! Dear god, your cock must be microscopic to get you to act like this much of a dick.”

Nathan stood there, his mouth opening and closing like a fish. Simon had a huge smile on his face.

You went to stand next to him as you resumed scrubbing the wall. 

“I’ve never seen Nathan speechless before,” he said. “I forgot that you take absolutely no bullshit from anyone.”

You smiled. “Hey, d’you wanna get a drink after this?”

He nodded. “That sounds nice.”

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I guess this is sorta a continuation of eposide 2x10(but pretending simon clary relationship doesn't exist cause im in denial) but do you think you could write something where simon and jace talk a little more about the fact that jace basically risked his life saving simon and jace admits his feelings for simon

hey Friendo hows ur night? mines pretty good i hope you enjoy this mass of disgusting fluff pal


The Institute smelled of burnt charcoal and ozone, like the way the air smells right before a thunderstorm, all metallic and harsh. People spoke in hushed voices as they milled around, checking off a list of the Downworlders laying on the floor, going to the infirmary to get their various wounds checked out, kneeling down and closing the eyes of the fallen Shadowhunters that dotted the Institute. It had been a couple hours since Valentine had been apprehended, but the sword was missing, and everyone that was available had already been dispatched out into the streets of New York to try and find it.

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Disasters that lead to pretty boys (are worth it)

Pairing: Simon/Raphael (background Malec & Clizzy, mentioned Jeliorn)
Words: 5.4k
Warnings: none
Beta: @accordingtomel
Read on ao3

Simon absolutely loved animals. He was the biggest dog person, but that didn’t stop him from also suffocating himself in cat fur whenever he saw one. He even hoped that birds on the trees thought he was cool, when walking down the street. So when Clary was going to Maine with Izzy on some sort of a romantic vacation (aka they were going to stay in a fancy hotel room and do it on every fancy surface there) and she asked Simon to take care of her pet fish Arnold, Simon obviously agreed. (Not that he had much of a choice. It was Clary, she would end up convincing him somehow anyway. Once, Simon actually found himself buying her a milkshake just so she would let him help her decorate her new art studio. He still isn’t sure how that happened.)

Five days into spending alone time with Arnold was when Magnus showed up at Clary’s place with Chairman Meow in his hands, his hair a mess, which meant that somehow the world actually ended without Simon noticing because Magnus’s hair was never a mess.

“What the hell happened?” Simon asked worriedly, pausing the How I Met Your Mother episode that he was watching, right when Barney was about to propose to Robin. Simon was busy trying to erase the last two episodes from his brain because fuck those writers for breaking them up, they were so good together!

“Alec’s soccer match is today, and I completely forgot because I might or might not have been hung over from yesterday’s party, but he really wanted me to come, also their new uniform has shorter shorts, and god damn, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Magnus answered, putting the confused and hissing cat down on the table and running up to the mirror to fix his hair.

“You’re so smitten, it’s honestly ridiculous.” Simon smirked, rolling his eyes with endearment.

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150409 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio
  • Simon D: (Reading comment) “I’m curious, why are rappers all so short? Do they rap well because they’re short?”
  • Gray: Is that’s so…
  • Tablo: (solemn) Ah why…
  • Gray: Then what is Beenzino?
  • Tablo: Ahhhhh why would you mention Beenzino?
  • Gray: He’s tall but the listener asked why everyone is short
  • Loco: But I think we’re just the right height
  • Tablo: If the 174cm person puts it like that… what does that make the rest of us?
  • Loco: But we all have the same feel
  • Tablo: (enthusiastic to the max) FIRSTLY, DOK2! He raps REALLY well but he’s also REAAAAAALLY small. Hhahahahahahaha
  • Simon D: That’s true
  • Tablo: Dok2’s presence is big but honestly, how tall do you think he is? When you compare him to Yankee?
  • Simon D: Yankee is like 162-3cm. Dok2 is then… 160cm? I heard Dok2 was something like 165cm though.
  • Tablo: Then Dok2 is taller than Yankee.
  • Simon D: I think they’re similar.
  • Tablo: Look at Gray, he might be extremely small, very small but he’s extremely good at making music. I think I ended this well. I would like it for Loco to not mention height anymore. Also, don’t talk about Beenzino here.
  • Gray: Well it’s not like I can win anyway.