"But let it be known that Dupuis’ greatest contribution to this group of Penguins might already have happened, and it happened two summers ago.

That’s when Dupuis, tired of seeing Simon Despres display so much talent but so little rigidity on the blue line, invited his fellow French-Canadian to join him in Quebec for several weeks of joint training. Now, when even a fitness freak like Crosby concedes defeat at trying to keep up with Dupuis, imagine what that was like for Despres, a lanky kid who never before had much upper-body strength.

“He didn’t just change my career,” Despres told me. “He changed my life.”

Despres is the Penguins’ most improved player since last season. He’s dominating at times. He’s living up to his first-round pedigree after years of disappointing.

His engine will always have a No. 9 on the hood.” [x]


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