simon delaitre

i was tagged by @fluffyhaircasillas so thank you!

rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better

relationship status: single, but stress is a constant in my life

lipstick or chapstick: neither

last movie i watched: ex machina

last song you listened to: lemaitre - playing to lose ft stanaj

top 3 shows/dramas/anime: it’s always sunny, les revenants, attack on titan

top 3 characters: charlie kelly, erwin smith, simon delaitre

top 3 ships: webbonso, eruri, simi

i tag @theianitor, @quepasamarcandre, @dannyricciardo, @redshinyred, @hulkieswonderland, @seb-n-nando, @vetthefuck, @historygeek12, @inappropriatestork (if you’ve already done, or don’t want to do, this then ignore it lmao)