simon daly

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Simon Daly was your typical wallflower. He didn’t speak much but his mind was wild with imagination. It seemed as though he had so much to say but kept it all to himself. Simon grew up not having very many friends and actually preferred it that way. Watching from afar, he could read the faces of people very well. Whether they were in pain or unhappiness or just the exact opposite. Simon was actually a very good advisor and was able to give out any advice to the person in need. Being that he was just a Freshman, not many people knew that so not many people bothered trying with him. Everyone really just that he was another face along the street, but rather he was the one to make a big difference in the world someday. Seeing that Simon had two lesbian mothers, Simon was never one to judge people. He grew up going to church on his own but soon broke away from it and the religion once he was old enough to understand the conflicts between the Bible and homosexuals.

Simon was never one to follow the crowd. He created his own paths often and chose to follow them despite what the rest did. Simon was one to stick to his word and never back down. Some would call this passion. Others would call this persistence. Either way, Simon usually always won arguments because he knew how to support them in a way that a judge always provides evidence to support his accusations.

Knowing that Simon grew up with two mothers, it would seem that Simon was a bit more on the feminine side, but that was not true at all. He wasn’t much athletic but he had a knack for music and since he wasn’t too good with people, he channeled all of his energy into playing the piano, composing and improvising as he went along. Simon had a perfect pitch and he used this to his advantage when coming up with something new. He had once considered going public with his songs but he knew that his face probably wasn’t one that people were looking for in the music industry.

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