simon berman

Personal glyph for a high-level Patreon patron, combining multiple symbols and meanings described to me by the patron.

Changes to the patron reward levels are coming in July, and more opportunities for getting personal glyphs as a pledge reward will open up, as well as new patron rewards. Meantime, if you have inquiries about personal glyph commissions (not problem glyphs, which cannot be commissioned!) please contact my business manager, Simon Berman, at


Black Hole Wizard emotive worksheet #2, featuring an early run at a design for an important future character and a suite of different hair/beard/headphone options, although we’re pretty set on the ammonite earcups at this point, it being a happy medium between something dumb that Simon “suggested” and my other, much better idea.

I’m developing serious affection for this character, to be perfectly honest.  I mean let’s bypass for a minute that he’s finely crafted to my own personal dogwhistle specifications, with a few exceptions (that beard, for example, is just silly) and talk about how drawing the same face over and over again with the intent to create something real is a kind of prayer wheel process with its own tooth-gritting exultation.

here’s the reference image i took of myself for the “fizzled spell”.

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